Friday, 3 May 2013

Tri Stupe : Xterra Malaysia Race Report

It was a good weekend for the team with two of us bagging podium finish at the Bidor Half Marathon. Congrats Annie Yee (Women - 2nd) and Jun Shen (Men - 7th). On the same day, Tri Stupe raced the Xterra Malaysia Offroad Triathlon. It was a 1.5km Swim, followed by a 30km Mountain biking and finished off with a 11km Trail run. Getting dirty is compulsory (like our new design says). He finished the race despite being slowed down with two punctures. It will take more than just mechanical problems to stop this man. This is his race report.

An A-race is a race where an athlete mark it as the race that they will push 100% and perform, a race where all training and preparation will be put to test with a good result expected from the end of it.
Xterra Malaysia is my A-race
Well until the race start, that is.
Race prep the day before. All Ready To Rock And Roll-er!
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