Thursday, 16 May 2013

Jun Shen : Sultan Ahmad Shah Tioman Island Eco Challenge 2013 Race Report

What a long name for a race. Lets just call it the SAS Tioman Island Eco Challenge. Wait, that is still long. Perhaps that is a real reason for this - this race is a 30km race. Long by anyone's standard when put into the jungle of an Island and what made this even more interesting is that the cut off time is a crazy 6-hours. How crazy was the race? Enough said that the DNF (Did-Not-Finish) rate were well above 50%! Jun Shen recently went for this race and he finished a strong 12th. A big achievement considering the condition of the race. He informed us he fired up using Hammer Nutrition, wore his Skechers GoTrail and tracked the whole race using the Garmin 910xt. This is his race report.
Sultan Ahmad Shah Tioman Island Eco Challenge 2013 Race Report
Months prior to this race, I've been warned by my team mates about the challenges I'll be facing for my maiden Sultan Ahmad Shah Eco Challenge at Tioman Island. I have a handful of medals for trail running, so I thought it is very normal when people exagerrate about the toughness of the course. Last year one of the Navy guy had to drink urine because he didn't carry enough fluid. I didn't take it very seriously until my 2ndSkin team mates talked about the race in our WhatsApp group. Yip Weng Tak has completed the race, he said this race is a suicidal one. On the website, race course remained "classified". I believe all other "first timers" were confused as well. How I wished I could find any race report to read! The only race report I found was Yip's race report. No clue about the race, how to train? So much of uncertainties, so my training focused on gaining elevation, nutrition and using the right race gear. This post will focus on the race instead of telling my awesome trip to Tioman because I believe my race report will help future racers to get themselves better prepared.
The Elevation Profile

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