Friday, 26 April 2013

Project Dignity CARES – Campaign Closure

Team 2ndskin’s Project Dignity CARES campaign which was run from 27th February to 3rd April 2013, has finally seen closure with the passing of the fund-raising cheque to Dignity for Children Foundation. A total of RM4,188.00 was raised via the generous contributions of society who want to make a difference to these underserved childrens’ lives.
Dignity for Children Foundation
Any of them maybe our future leader(s) of tomorrow
 Enthusiastic and dynamic children
Roy getting lessons on badminton play from Po Po
Dignity for Children Foundation provides education to children from desolate homes, refugee children and the hardcore poor kids. Currently the foundation serves as a school to approximately 800 children, from Taska age all the way up to Secondary 5. These kids a provided not only with proper education, but a wholesome meal, good moral and cultural teachings and instilled with values like teamwork and cooperation via the foundation’s programs. The volunteer teachers, caretakers and care givers are dedicated and give their all whole-heartedly to the students and children.
Having a conversation with a couple of the students who were in Primary 5 and 6 when we were there, we were pleasantly surprised by their enthusiasm, their ability to get their thoughts across and their confidence in speaking to strangers (like us). They were not the shy and reserved children you would have painted a picture of, when you speak of underserved children.
Possibly, if given the right opportunities, these children who come from poor broken homes may one day find themselves to be the future leaders of our community and society. What we can see is, education and proper attention given to children during their formative years will help shape their lives and very likely help get another child / teenager off the streets.
Team 2ndskin is proud to be able to do our part for the children.
PeopleGiving Organization
We would also like to take this opportunity to thank PeopleGiving Organization for being the enablers for this campaign. They are a group of dynamic young volunteers who have selflessly sacrificed their time to setup the PeopleGiving Organization and portal to enable individuals and corporate alike to use their online platform for fund-raising activities. PeopleGiving are fully dependent on sponsorship to stay afloat as they do not take any commission or fee from the use of their platform as well as the funds raised. Special thanks to GekWe and Jason from PeopleGiving who were also present with us when we handed the cheque over to Miss Beant from Dignity.
Presenting the cheque to Ms Beant of Dignity
Group shot
Appreciation certificates given by Dignity and PeopleGiving for the campaign effort
Last but not least, Team 2ndskin sponsors deserve a mention for fully supporting us throughout the Project Dignity CARES campaign. Here’s to Garmin Malaysia, Skechers Performance Malaysia and Hammer Nutrition Malaysia!!

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