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Roy Yeow : Penang Run 17KM Race Report

2ndSkin Athlete Roy and Annie recently competed in the Penang 17km Run that took place on Thaipusam Day. For the both of them, it is very much a fun outing and preparation for more races in 2013 season. We have reason to believe the real reason he and Annie was in Penang was actually for the FOOD. They won't admit it just because  they forgot to pack back some food. Enjoy Roy's report and Annie's achievement. Well done you two (and all that ran that morning). Both athletes wore Skechers Performance Shoes and Roy wrote a brief review of GoBionic in the report too.
Penang Run 2013 - 27 January 2013

After slaying the dragon a week ago at the Dragon Back Race in Meru, I went up north to tame the little hills of Bukit Jambul and Bukit Gambir in Penang. This run is in my plan primarily for one reason only - to gauge my fitness level compared to my pre-illness level.

I managed to get Frank Chong of Running Lab to travel with me to Penang for this run, which gave me a great opportunity to run and test myself against an experienced ultra runner. We took off from KL about 1030AM on Saturday and it took us about 5.5 hrs to reach Penang - one word, tiring!. We have to rush immediately to the bib collection center as it closed by 5PM and we do not want to end up wasting our LSD driving experience with a LSD in Penang instead of racing. 

Roy (2nd from left) in "Weather Forecast" Vaporskin with friends. Frank is on the leftmost. Photo courtesy of Wah Sing Tan
Another 2ndSkin team mate, Annie Yee, took the bus down to Penang with a group of experience runners from KL.
Annie (leftmost) in "Training Time" Vaporskin t-shirt with friends. Annie was wearing Skechers GoRunRide.  Photo courtesy of Tey.
We quickly get comfy with our backpacker inn near Little India area that was bustling with Thaipusam activities. By 4-ish AM, we started our pre-race preparation and heads off to the event starting point at 5AM. Being a Penangites and former USM student, in no time we managed to get ourselves into the stadium from the back entrance of USM. There was already many cars and motorbikes (Yeah, Penang and its famous kapchai everywhere). We make it to the running track and tried to spot anyone we know. Found Tey Eng Tiong that has taken the effort to come all the way down just to support this race, commando style. Then there was Tan Wah Sing, the ever popular barefoot guru runner. Before long, the emcee urged to queue up at the starting point and to my surprise, the race started about 5 minutes earlier from schedule.

Together with Frank we started slightly behind. As we passed USM gate, we started to increase our pace and move up a gear. Turning left and running along Jalan Bukit Gambir, the first 2km was pretty flat before turning right to take on Bukit Jambul, around 1.5KM of climb. The route then brought us towards Queensbay Mall and running along the same road as Penang Bridge Marathon. This is where I started feeling a pull on my right calf and decided to take it easy while Frank continued on. The turning into Jalan Tunku Kudin at around 12KM surprises me as I thought we would continue to run on the highway, instead of the small small incline behind Tesco. Water station was at the middle of this uphill and that broke my momentum as I stopped for a sip.

Going down this small uphill, I know what is between me and finishing is just Bukit Gambir. This would be another climb of around 2KM. With already 14KM behind you, this climb felt tough for many. With Frank still in sight in front of me, I thought that I could slowly close the gap and finish together with him. Passing many of the fast tiring runners, managed to get to the top of the hill with a good hill pace. As we ran up the hill, the sound of drums were getting louder and cheering for the runners not to give up on this hill. A surprise team of lion dance drummers were there to ensure every steps up the hill were supported by the roar of the drums. Another water station at the top of the hill greeted me and relief for the water/100 plus, I started to storm downhill for the final 1KM into USM. Catching up with Frank again as USM gate emerged, we increased our pace into the stadium for a nice photo finish.

"After this we go Sister Char Kuey Teow, again?", Roy asked Frank. We can see Roy is wearing the Skecher GoBionic for this run. Photo courtesy of Ng Bak Kiong.
My watch shows the distance as 17.97KM, almost 1KM over distance, but it is more likely it was over by around 500meters only. Glad to have made it in 1:40 as my initial target was just to be able to maintain 6 min pace. Overall position of 268 puts me in the top 25% of the finisher.

We decided to try our luck and wait for the lucky draw before leaving the site. And yes, I never learnt, I am never a lucky draw person, going back empty handed again to a wishful thinking of the top prizes to Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore. A few more photo moments and we now go for the real real reason of us in Penang - the food. (Ed : SEE, i told you!)

Finishers. Nicely done. Photo courtesy of Wah Sing Tan.
The race was pretty well organise except for a few observation:
- volunteers seem aplenty but was not assigned task properly. There were junctions where there are more than 10 marshals? And First Aiders (more than 10 of them) all camping into one lorry just before the uphill of Bukit Gambir instead of spreading them around?
- the police decided to risk the runners safety by allowing car to move while stopping the runners momentum near Penang Bridge. Guess only if you are podium runners you get to have the route all the way for you.
- the lucky draw - VIP themselves have to manage the flow (this is where the assignment of the volunteers would have come in handy)
- Dragging the post-race entertainment and lucky draw so long!!

In all a good race with decent timing for me, no blister this time around, but may need to check on how the Skechers GoBionic handle water getting into the shoe. My shoe was pretty wet after the race and there seems to be water squirting sound on every step. Apart from that, GoBionic does let me have a good feedback of the surface.

As for my team mate, Annie did a great race and came in 5th place in her category with the timing of 1:28.

Training Time it was for Annie. 

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Eugene : The Dragon Back 15km Race

Eugene and Roy kick-started 2013 with an awesome race. Situated in Klang and known as the Dragon Back route among a group of runners, it is easy to see how this route earned the name. 
Whoaaaa...Photo Credit Ee Kok Jin
Rolling hills (we counted 8) which would send shiver down many runners' back. But both being accustomed to long distance running, this race was an exception - and a good training run for both. Read on to know why.

The race that kick-started my 2013 running calendar.
I’m normally not a fan of signing up for short distance races and events. I find it hard to convince myself to drive 20 – 30kms to the event site, look for parking, run 10km or 15km and drive another 20 – 30kms home. Total time spent of 3 – 4 hours for a run that would take me between 1 to 1.5 hours to finish if I had started outside my door. However, I do make exceptions for runs that pique my interest. And in this case, the opportunity to run on a “Dragon’s back” helped sway me to click that “submit” button. :)
Race morning, I car-pooled with Roy who picked me up and got us to the event site with 40 mins to spare. Typical chit-chatting and mingling with other runners at the starting line made time pass by pretty fast. The flag off was announced not via a gun shot, but fireworks that lit the early morning sky. A real surprise that, and a pleasant one too.
The first 1.7kms was a pretty flat route; taking us out of the school (which was the event site) and along the kampong road flanked by several small food stalls and wooden houses. After turning onto the main trunk road, that was where the Dragon started showing her curvy ass to the horde of runners. It was an out and back route, total of 14.5km and had 8 hills (or climbs) sandwiched in between. 
Roy - asking for 11km more. Photo Credit to Lim Soon Chung
Eugene Looking strong on the climb. By the way, that's a new 2ndSkin Tshirt due to be launched next week - Photo Credit Ee Kok Jin
I got to the U-turn mark in 45:31 and thinking that I could nail the entire race in under 1:30, I decided to push for a negative split. It wasn’t easy and looking at other runners walking uphill from even the 2nd hill itself wasn’t good for mental motivation. However, picking out front targets and closing on them and passing them was what kept me on pace for my target finish. From about the 9th to the 12th km, I was pacing with Roy and both of us were pushing each other on the climbs. At the last hill, Roy got his 2nd wind and opened up a gap with me. I wasn’t about to blow myself out following his pace as it was about 2km from the finish, so I ran my own race and focused on running at a threshold I could sustain.
There was this one runner about 1.5km from the finish, who I had a friendly tussle with. He was ahead of me and as I pulled up next to him, he would up his stride and run a bit faster, I would then get back behind him (the road was narrow and it wasn’t safe running abreast with the cars zooming by) and wait for the opportunity to pass. As I pulled out again and got beside him, he would pick up the pace again and not let me pass. This went on for about 500m and I’m glad to say, I still had a finishing kick to get pass him and finish ahead at the end. :D
I crossed the finish line in 1:29:48 and just nicked in under my target of 1:30. Roy finished ahead of me in 1:29:02, and after indulging in some post-race drinks and food, we adjourned home.


  • Pretty good hill training ground, where the hills take out enough of your effort before giving you some respite and then you see the next hill looming. I will definitely be back for some training runs here.
  • As usual, I ran in my Skechers GoRun, my shoe of choice since about a year ago (I’m into my 2nd pair and wearing them out as I write). Roy ran in the GoBionic but he had a little trouble with a blister on his small toe. Evidently something to take note of, and to determine if it’s a permanent issue on longer runs.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Team 2ndSkin Quarter 1 Race Schedule

You can find the team's racing schedule in this page. It will be updated quarterly, or if there are last minute races. See you at the starting line.
This page could also be accessed directly from the Tab above.

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TriStupe : Skechers GoBionic vs. Brooks PureDrift

Our Team 2ndSkin athlete, Stupe went crazy with his review and happily clocked almost 400km within the last 10 weeks just to make sure you will get a fair review on two minimalist shoes. He put his money on the Skechers GoBionic and it is easy to see why. Now, if only he takes it a bit easy on his mileages...

Click here to read his un-biased review.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Tri Stupe : Skechers GoBionic Shoe Review

Stupe wrote a review on the Skechers GoBionic shoe. Having tried the new Brooks PureDrift and the Skechers GoBionic minimalist, we believe he could be a good reference to compare both the shoes and give an unbiased review. So, how does it hold up against Brooks PureDrift? Read more about it here.
Image courtesy of

Friday, 4 January 2013

Roy : MR25 UltraMarathon Singapore Race Report

We have all heard from Eugene on his MR25 race experience. Today, Roy Yeow, Team 2ndSkin athlete give his point of view. Recovering from an injury, it wasn't an easy race for him to consider taking part. But as someone that has survived two strokes (yes, two strokes), this guy is inspirational. Never say never is always in his vocabulary and this is his MR25 story.
Roy : MR25 UltraMarathon Singapore Race Report
The build up to the last race of 2012 has been eventful to say the least. It was early August when my running career was put to a stop by illness that threatens to bedridden me for life. For two months, it was rehabilitation mode and trying to get off the bed.

Fast forward the story a bit, while trying to make a comeback, the 2nd main setback occurred - I injured my ankle during one of my rehab runs, and that stop me from running for 2 months.
However, being a running maniac, a race opens, is a race to consider….. that keeps playing in my mind. Having discussed the race with Eugene, we got Ben Swee to help with the MR25 Ultramarathon registration and bib collection.
Moving on to race day, I have just started training about 3 weeks prior with still slight discomfort on the ankle, although my rehabilitation has been progressing smoothly overall. The mindset was programmed to take this race as a comeback race without any expectation and just to gauge my level since the catastrophic incident in August. So without any expectation I was ready to hit the trail even if it meant just completing a loop. MR25 is a race which requires minimum of 5 loops (officially 10.2KM) within 12 hrs for the finisher medal and vest.
At 6AM, together with runners from TPRC group, we took cab from our hideout along Boon Keng to the starting point. It has been drizzling all night and there is no sign of the rain stopping. At the starting point, we navigate ourselves through the crowds and throw our luggage into the baggage deposit points. I have decided to wear Asics Fuji Racer with Injinji sock for this race to protect my ankle and to skip all the compression which I have not put on since August. Obviously, Eugene and I were in sync with our 2ndskin’s “Ultra Beyond Forty Two” tshirt. 
Eugene and Roy all pumps up for the final race of 2012
The start of the race was uneventful and I did not even hear the starting siren. A few hundred meters in, Eugene appeared and we started running like a team. As there are plenty of runners lining up along the route, we are not considering overtaking any runners in the first lap. With Eugene just behind me, we run at a comfortable pace. The drizzle has stop at this point but the trail is still wet and certain part was muddy while other parts are rocky.  Obviously the important thing for me was to ensure I maintain the right foot work and not got into another sprain so I was very focus on my every step, especially going down the more technical segment of the trail. 
As this was a race that I have set no expectation and just go with the flow, I did not even plan for my nutrition needs apart from just bringing Hammer Perpetuem Solids and Endurolytes. I did not even remember about nutrition until the end of 2nd lap. I was relying a lot on Pocari Sweat and water provided by the organizer. 
Completing the first lap with Eugene in about 1:23 (forget to press my watch earlier), I went to relief myself and lost him. Decided to move on as I thought he has sped off. Moving slightly faster than the first lap, I was trying to hunt down Eugene. This race is one of the most enjoyable races you can find with its friendly support and opportunity to see fellow runners coming down the other side. A lot of greeting and high fives make any pains you may feel go away, and that makes the 2nd lap feels like nothing. Since I was not sure where Eugene was, I ran up with Susanah who was training for Vibram HK100, and decided to go with her pace. After the u-turn, I finally have to ask her to move on herself as her pace is just too FAST.
Completing the 2nd lap on my own in 1:21, I re-accessed my condition; especially my ankle to make sure it is all still intact. Surprisingly, no major concern was detected and clearing up the debris in my shoe off, and finally found Eugene (who started the 2nd lap after me), we started off for our 3rd lap. 
The goal at this time was to try to complete lap 3 within 4:30 with the delicious fried rice as an incentive for our poor body. I took a tablet of perpetuem Solids as we hit down lap 3 to give me some boost for the uphill section of the trail. I have just begun to remember again that I needed to consider my nutrition at this point and started to plan what to take for the rest of the race. The plan is simple, alternate between the Solids and the Endurolytes. Solids along the route as I am use to chewing these giant tablets while running and Endurolytes will be pop-in while I am at the water stations. With nutrition factor in, 3rd lap was completed in 1:41, well within 4:30 that we have targeted earlier. 
2ndskin team completing another lap in MR25
Since it was still a bit early for lunch at 11:30AM, I grabbed a banana to fill my stomach and started the 4th lap, decided to postpone lunch for another lap. Our plan for this lap is basically to walk the climbs and jog down the hills as there is slight muscle sore on our legs. We reckoned it should take not longer than 2 hrs with this strategy. We noticed there are fewer runners on the trail now, probably most runners would have stopped for their rest and lunch.
Since MacRitchie Reservoir and its surrounding trails are public areas, this does not meant we are alone as we kept bumping into park visitors along the trail. From leisure sightseers to hikers to runners/from children to adults, they make our run interesting as once in awhile there will be sprinters overtaking us, giving us the temptation to follow suits while overtaking the leisurely pace of the sightseers/hikers gave us the boost of confidence that we are still doing good.
Back to the race, with our walk and run strategy, we got back to the starting points 2 hrs on the dot for this lap. This time around, we hang around the starting point for about 30 minutes, grabbing the delicious fried rice, chatting and joking with the friendly organizers. I retrieved my muscle spray and started spraying all over my legs. It proved to be right as for the rest of my runs, there is no more ankle pain.
Having gone 4 laps, I have indeed performed beyond my expectation as I have been worried my ankle would not bring me so far. With my stomached fed and my legs fresh from the rest, we started the fifth round with the same strategy in mind. Eugene mentioned he wanted to do 6 laps while I told him I just wanted to complete this lap and call it a day to save my ankle from further abuse (yeah right, runner word about stopping is never true). With Eugene feeling strain on his calves and me thinking this is the last lap, we go at a slower pace compare to the previous lap. As we were casually chatting on the way, Eugene mentioned that he did 5 laps in 9 hrs 2 years ago and it looks we are well within the timing to break his previous timing. I even suggested to Eugene that we should be able to complete 5 laps in 8:30 hrs which Eugene laughed it off. But deep inside, I was thinking that I should give it a shot to do it in sub 8.5. Slowly without realizing, I started increasing my pace and after awhile I realized that I was running alone again. Without the pains on my ankle and muscles, it was like running anew again. Since I have started it, I was going for it all the way…… As I race against the time to get out of the trail, I saw Lai Ling from TPRC walking towards her finishing. I showed off my mathematics skill by telling her how we can still achieve sub 8.5 and got her to run with me. By the time we were out of the trail, I threw her another idea to do another loop with me since there should be another 3.5 hours to go. I was to ask her at the finishing line and looking at how she can still run at that point of time, I was sure she is going to say yes. As we sped across the reservoir bank overtaking many others, it finally dawns that we are going to finish with much room to spare. And obviously, I get the answer that was expected from any runner that is on a high, let’s go and finish off the 6 laps.
Without any stop, grabbed few sips of water and pocari sweat off we go again. This time, I told her to lead and run only on the descent. But to my surprise, she runs whether it is up or down. I was starting to regret pulling her to run with me as I was having difficulty following her pace, even her walking pace is fast! I was glad eventually when she realized that she is too fast for me and started to follow my pace instead. It drizzled again on this final lap but that will not slow us down in anyway. Little by little, we work our way through the route and as we made our final u-turn, we know even if we walk all the way, we would still complete it. As we came close to the finishing line with about 1.5KM to go, I spewed out another challenge, to get it wrap up before 10:30. With the last hill done, we started to gain momentum and goes for a glorious finish. We completed the last lap in 1:43 and with about 1 hrs 35 minutes left on the clock, well, I am not going to risk another lap, at least not when I have not prepared well enough for this race.
This race definitely gave me a confident boosts that I can run ultra again with proper preparation. There are things that I need to tweak on to work on getting myself back to normal again:
  • Too long without a race, I forget how to plan for my hydration needs. Luckily this was a well supported race and pocari sweat more than make up for it.
  • There is still rehabilitation works to do to improve on my coordination and muscle conditioning, especially upper body that I have been neglecting to focus on recovering my foot work.
  • And not forgetting the advice given by many of my running friends – “Eat your medicine”.
This is a race that is definitely in my yearly to do list and is highly recommended to anyone that wants to venture into ultra trail. Who knows, we will pace each other in the next edition of MR25.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Eugene : MR25 UltraMarathon Singapore Race Report

Team Principle, Eugene Teoh, went to Singapore with Team 2ndSkin Athlete, Roy Yeow for some fun in the (Singapore) Trail. Usually known as MR25 or MacRitchie Runners 25, this UltraMarathon calls for runners to run the MacRitchie Reservoir in loops. One Loop is about 10.2km. Having done the race the year before, this race was an obvious "to do" both for personal reasons and to improve on mileage that can be completed within 12hours cut off. Eugene were wearing the Skechers GoTrail, It was an interesting take on the shoe over this ultra distance. Must say that he was more than just happy with his performance and of the gears he was wearing. Naturally, it was the 2ndSkin UltraMarathon T-shirt in Vaporlite material. This, is Eugene's report. Don't sweat over it, he certainly did not.
MR25 ULTRAMARATHON SINGAPORE – 30th Dec 2012 (7am – 7pm) 

My love affair with the MR25 Ultramarathon (will just call it MR25) started in 2010 when I ran this event for the 1st time. It is a relatively low key event with a small participation (~700 this year if I got it correctly) and excellent camaraderie amongst the runners, organizers and volunteers. After skipping it last year due to the arrival of my daughter, I had to do this race this year.
Fast forward to event morning. I kinda underestimated the time needed to get to MR from JB (where I was staying with my aunt) and got to the event site with only about 20 mins to spare. Thankfully Roy had collected my bib and all I had to do was change my shoes and put on my number and throw my stuff into the rental locker. Amidst the preparations, I caught sight of my friend Deo and he introduced me to a group of runners from KL who were all wearing 2ndskin’s Legendary tshirt. Imagine my surprise and exhilaration. I just had to ask them all for a photoshot!
Passionate runners. Just Legendary
I took this opportunity to try out a long distance event without my customary compression tights and calf sleeves. I have never run a marathon distance or more without them, and I was hoping my muscles would hold up to the challenge. Nevertheless, I brought them in my bag just to be sure. As usual, my race apparel is one of my 2ndskin tops and this time around, a pair of Skechers GoTrail by Skechers Performance Division. Team 2ndskin is proudly supported by Skechers Malaysia and MR25 would be the “test” for my pair of Skechers GoTrails.
Lined up at the start line with Deo and had a little chat before we kicked into gear. Along the way, met up with a few friends (Karim, Jeff, Yim, Karen) and ran together with Roy for most of the 1st lap. MR25 is a out and back route with a little detour after the U-turn before linking back to the main route and back to the start line. One loop is approx 10.2km and the route could be summarized as 90% trail:10% tarmac and rolling with some climbs and descents, but nothing spectacular in terms of inclines.
Due to some miscommunication at the end of the 1st loop, I lost sight of Roy for the 2nd loop as he thought I had run off, but in fact I was still happily relieving myself in the loo! The 2 laps were covered in about 2:45 timing and I took a short 10 min break after the 2nd loop for some nutrition. I had brought along 2 packs of gels, a tube of Hammer perpeteum and a pack of chews but none of them made it into my system during the course of the entire event. What fueled me for the 12 hours you ask? OK, here goes…. 7 Oreo cookies, 1 red bean bun, 2 bananas, half a box of fried rice (organizers lunch setup) and 2 handfuls of dried apricots. Not to mention the cups and cups of Pocari sweat. Excellent drink, that.
It had been drizzling for a while and it would continue to be so off and on for the duration of the event for the rest of the day. It didn’t get heavy enough to make the route slippery and “flooded” unlike the last time I ran it, but it was muddy enough for me to be a bit more careful during the descents. I’m glad to say that the Skechers GoTrail was pretty secure in terms of footing and the 4mm drop gave me enough protection from the jagged rocks and stones. I accidentally kicked a tree root / rock twice in my 3rd loop with the same left big toe but the front toe cap protection from the GoTrail was adequate to save me from any toe injury or bruise. I was starting to get a bit tired mid way thru the 3rd loop and I remember mentioning to Roy that “this feels like the 38th km of a marathon” to which he replied “we are at the 38th km”…. LOL. During the course of this event, I tried to reflect on which parts of my run needed more work, needed improvements and which parts of my training should be adjusted to meet the demands of long distance events. I realized my upper body is quite weak and the stress from the event made my shoulders and upper back ache. The back of my neck felt tight and I had to constantly reach my arms high over my head to stretch my upper back muscles.
After 4:27 on my feet, I arrived back at the start line for the end of 3 loops. It was about 11:30am and both Roy and myself decided to finish another loop before stopping for lunch. We were mixing in quite a bit of walking with running (ambling along was more like it) and generally walked the climbs and ran the descents. It was also in the 4th loop that I started feeling some cramping sensations in my left calf and soreness in my left shin. At the U-turn of the 4th loop, the volunteers / marshals surprised us when the asked us if we wanted any buns. Being famished, both Roy and myself accepted the offer and lingered around whilst downing the red bean bun they gave us. Believe me or not, either Singapore makes the best red bean buns, or hunger makes anything taste like heaven. I’m not exactly a red bean bun fan (you will not catch me buying red bean buns on any given day) but that had to be the best ever!!
At the end of the 4th loop we decided to take a break and stretched out our legs over a quick lunch of fried rice provided by the organizers. I decided to change into my compression tights and put on my calf sleeves as I knew I’d be walking more than running for the remainder of the day. The compression would probably help in recovery as well as stave off any impending cramps I may have. Noted that my left calf was twitching slightly and feeling a little tight. I wasn’t going to take any chances with cramps derailing my efforts. Slight blisters were forming on my toes, highly likely due to my socks that were wet with sweat. Taped up 3 toes with plasters and changed my socks and off I went with Roy for the 5th loop. The pitstop we just did took about 30 mins and I was on course to finish the minimum required 5 loops of 10.2km below my previous timing of 9:01.
5th loop was kind of like a chatty-walk with interspersed running at downhill intervals. I had a proper conversation going on with Roy, and we time kinda passed by pretty fast. Half way through the 5th loop, Roy decided that I was kinda slowing him down and he decided to take off with gusto. I looked at the timing at that point and 6 loops was very doable so I decided to keep to my pace and not try to keep up with Roy. I touched back to the end of the 5th loop and covering 51km in a shade under 9 hours (8:49), which essentially meant I PB-ed this race by 12 mins. [Hooray!]
A quick refill of my bottle and grabbing my small pack of dried apricots, I headed out for what would be my penultimate loop. I was already having trouble with my left ankle due to the uneven terrain and I was very careful as to where I landed as I didn’t want to get any unnecessary injury. The going was quite slow as my quads were already screaming bloody murder and I noticed the numbers of runners were thinning out. I guessed most have called it a day and on my return leg on the home stretch, I could see that the environment was slowly getting dark, especially out in the trails. Closed out the last lap in 2:07 for a final time of 10 hours 57 mins and 61.2kms.
Had a little “intellectual discourse” with one of the officials at the finish as they only recorded me doing 5 laps instead of 6, but it was all resolved in good manner. Due to the manual timing and recording of laps, the organizers could probably give out ribbons at the U-turn to denote how many laps a runner has done, but that’s another discussion for another time.
Breakdown of timing (including food breaks, toilet breaks and chit-chat breaks):
Lap 1 - 1:21
Lap 2 – 1:25
Lap 3 – 1:40
Lap 4 – 2:15
Lap 5 – 2:07
Lap 6 – 2:07

Post event reflections:
  • Upper body workouts are essential for long events due to overall stress on the body
  • Hydration plans are very important. I carried a small bottle with me after the 4th loop to constantly sip from after I realized I could be dehydrated. Urine was small in volume and dark coloured and I was starting a headache.
  • Food and nutrition intake has to be constant to keep the energy levels up. Even if you don’t feel like it, you have to get some solid food in.
  • I now have confidence to go up to a full marathon distance without compression and I believe that it is about conditioning the muscles to adapt to the stress levels.
  • The right gear for the route is very important. For an event like the Salomon X-Trail I participated in earlier in the year, my zero drop Minimus was capable of handling the terrain, however for a rockier route like MR25, I needed something with a little bit more protection. Enter Skechers GoTrail, lightweight enough for a long day, stable enough on uneven terrain, and protective enough for jagged rocks and loose stones.

Skechers GoTrail. Lightweight. Flexible. Stable. A real performer offroad. 
MR25, I’ll be back next year.