2ndSkin Clothing

Passion. Motivation. Inspiration.

2ndSkin Clothing was founded in 2010 by two sports enthusiasts. We were established with the goal to stand out from the crowd via our range of technical apparel and sportswear that feature inspirational quotes and eye-catching designs. Why blend into the starting line crowd when you can break free from the norm and be garbed in gear that turns heads?

Our variety of cool and awesome designs are blended with latest sweat-wicking technology fabric to give you the optimal balance of style and substance. Whether you are training hard for the event of the year, warming up at the start line in the biggest race of your life or just chilling with friends over a cup of coffee, we definitely have something for you. Our exclusive designs are also mated to sportswear that you would be proud to pull on that showcases the results of all your hard workouts.

Being athletes ourselves, we constantly strive to better our achievements, and it is reflected in our drive to constantly come up with unique and distinctive designs as well as offering newer and improved fabrics and tailor-cuts. Our assurance is that we would not put out into the market something that we ourselves would not wear.

2ndSkin Clothing also caters to the customization market demand by working with our clients to design and fabricate technical sportswear to their individual needs and personality. Our clientele list include event organizers, sports clubs as well as club forumers and come from as far as Australia and Italy. We have been commissioned by individual athletes as well as sports retailers to design event tshirts for them.

Whether you are looking for an off the shelf sports shirt that screams your personality, or have in mind an idea you would like to wear across your chest; look no further.

2ndSkin. Remember the name.

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