Message From Team Principals

Back in early 2010, we started throwing ideas to each other after we realized that there was a gap in the sports apparel market whereby there were no specific running/cycling/triathlon themed clothing. And by theme, we mean designs and captions and slogans that runners and cyclists could relate to. Of course there were other mega brands available with functional sportswear, but most of them had but a brand or logo emblazoned across the chest. Several discussions later, 2ndskin Clothing was born over 2 cups of green tea and a couple of plates of sashimi. :)

Fast forward to December 2012.
We have come a long way since our inception in 2010. However, without the support of our fans and customers, we wouldn't be where we are now, and for that we are very grateful and thankful to have all of you supporting 2ndskin.

We are also pleased as punch to announce the launch of Team 2ndSkin, an in-house Athlete Program we have designed and built with hand-picked athletes who are passionate, committed, tough, engaging and most of all, humble and down to earth. In the weeks to come, you will get to know more about our athletes as we will be profiling each and every one of them in our blog. This blog is for all of you to follow their exploits as they train, race (and hopefully win!) and share their knowledge and tips with all of you.

We are also very grateful that for the pilot setup of Team 2ndSkin, we have a collaboration with Skechers Malaysia (Thank you Adeline!) and Hammer Nutrition (Thank you Liz Roberts!) who had faith in us and are supporting Team 2ndSkin for 2013.

We thank you all again for your utmost support and we believe in the power of interaction with our fans and friends. Should you have any comments, suggestions, ideas (or just want to buy us teh tarik!), feel free to drop us a line at -

We leave you with seasons greetings. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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