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We have always held the belief that engaging in sports is a community based activity. The categories of sports that Team 2ndskin engages in is no different. Road running, cycling, triathlon, trail running, mountain biking; are all well supported by public and have a good following. Last year’s Penang Bridge International Marathon drew more than 34,000 participants across all categories.

Our vision is to get sports to bridge all barriers. To get sports to transcend all boundaries; let not the size of one’s physique, nor the number in one’s age, nor the colour of one’s skin, nor the status of one’s standing in society or community be a hindrance. Sports is for all walks of life.

One of our teams’ goals is to create awareness for sports to those outside the sports community. To make the circle bigger, so to speak. To let more people know about the benefits and importance of instilling a healthy lifestyle and engaging in physical activities to complement their daily lives. On top of that, we are also in this to keep the newbies motivated, to constantly support those who are new to sports and to keep those who are already in it, committed and passionate.

It is with the above in mind, that we have created Project CARES.

The name Project CARES is an acronym of the names of our pioneer team 2ndskin athletes, Chan/Annie/Roy/Ee-Van/Steven.

Project CARES aims to contribute back to society, be it the sports community or the general public. We intend to “give back” to others via programs, campaigns, activities and other means of support.

How will we do it, you ask? We will in time share with you the list of agenda we have on our plate and hopefully, we will also get your support and backing for the work that we do.

Stay tuned for more from Project CARES.
July 11, 2013 - Team 2ndSkin For Nasam Wrap Up
Back in June, Team 2ndSkin announced a joint campaign with a group of runners to run for raising fund for NASAM (National Stroke Association of Malaysia). As the third largest killer in Malaysia now, stroke affected almost everyone life - directly or indirectly. One of the goal for Run for NASAM 2013 is to raise fund to support the activities of NASAM, with 24 runners recruited to run SCKLM for a cause. With 15 million people diagnosed with stroke worldwide every year and in Malaysia, over 50,000 cases, this campaign also target to raise the public awareness on stroke. Although SCKLM was postponed due to the deteriorating quality of air few days before the race, the campaign continued on with great success. 

Through the PeopleGiving portal, a 'giving' platform for everyone to give back to society, the goal was set to raise RM10,000 through this campaign. Limited edition NASAM running bibs were also printed, with all proceed from the sales going to NASAM. The idea is for interested runners to wear the bib during the SCKLM to help echo what we believe in, There is Life After Stroke.
The runners will complete the pledge to the donors by completing the race this September 29, 2013.

Within a short time frame of a month, team 2ndSkin athlete Roy went live on Lite FM to share his experience on stroke. With his background of 2 strokes attack, he captured the audience attention with the real danger of stroke affecting everyone. A few of the runners were also featured in Sin Chew Jit Poh newspaper sharing about the campaign.

By the end of the donation drive on PeopleGiving, we have successfully over achieved our commitment to NASAM by accumulating RM15,236. It has been a great pleasure to do our parts for this campaign and a really big thanks and appreciation to the donors who has helped in this campaign. Your contribution will go a long way to touch the heart and needs of the strokees in Malaysia.

Team 2ndskin would like to thank our collaboration partners - Garmin, Hammer Nutrition and Skechers for supporting this Run for NASAM campaign and provides valuable feedback and support to Team 2ndskin. 

Thank you all for supporting Project CARES and Run for NASAM.
June 11, 2013 - Team 2ndSkin Runs For NASAM

The team once again has committed itself to "give back" the the society by being involved directly with another fund raising. This time, it is for NASAM or National Stroke Association of Malaysia. The team, together with 16 other strong individual will participate in the upcoming Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon in both the 21km (7 Awesome Fundrunners) and 42km (15 Awesome Fundrunners). 

The aim is to raise awareness and the Fundrunners will be running with a placard "There Is Life After Stroke". The runners together with NASAM are hoping to raise RM10,000.00 to further enhance and support the existing facilities to help with the rehabilitation and support of stroke victim and their needs. 

We hold this cause very dearly to us as the designated Team Captain for this run, Roy Yeow, was a two-time stroke victim. He is a picture of inspiration as he has shown with determination and not giving up has driven him to not only succeed in fighting stroke, but to inspire others. Tri Stupe's father was a stroke victim and he (with his wife) too, will be running for this cause.

Click on this link to support via Team 2ndSkin has worked with previously in the "Dignity For Children Foundation". All donations (small or big) is tax deductible. 

There Is Life After Stroke!

Update: April 4, 2013
Project Dignity CARES : Exceeding Expectations

We have just concluded our Project DIGNITY CARES Campaign, whereby Team 2ndskin participated in a gruelling weekend of endurance racing in a bid to raise funds and create awareness for Dignity for Children Foundation. Our initial target to raise RM3,000.00 was not only achieved, but surpassed as at the end of the campaign, we managed to raise a total of RM4,188.00 !!! All of the funds collected will be channelled to Dignity for Children Foundation and Team 2ndskin and People Giving Organization do not take any amount from the proceeds.
Thank you to all of you that has sponsored!
The Team would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who have contributed, not only in terms of funds, but also moral support and sharing of awareness and of our campaign. Special thanks to People Giving Organization for creating this online portal and making campaigns easy to manage.

Our gratitude also to our band of sponsors, Skechers Malaysia (Adeline), Garmin Malaysia (Ivan) and Hammer Nutrition (Liz) for providing us with the necessary means and support during the entire campaign and throughout the calendar year 2013.

The Team believes in giving back to society and this campaign is just one of the many ways we can help in doing so. There will be many other activities we will line up for the rest of the year, so stay tuned for more update from Team 2ndskin's Project CARES!
All you contributors and sponsors help make the difference for the kids requiring education. We at Team 2ndSkin THANK YOU ALL again!
Update April 8, 2013
Project CARES - Team 2ndskin Support Station at Malaysia Women Marathon

As part of our activities lined up under Team 2ndskin’s Project CARES, we put together a little support station at the inaugural Malaysia Women Marathon held at Shah Alam on the 7th of April 2013. The intention of this support station was to offer complimentary electrolyte drinks (Hammer FIZZ), water, cut watermelons, basic first aid and support, ice-cold water sprays for cooling off and generally just moral support for the runners. As runners ourselves, we understand how the little things help to motivate the runners who are putting their physical and mental conditions to the test, especially out on the race course of a full marathon. It gives us great satisfaction to be able to give a little back to the running community and at the same time foster camaraderie amongst all runners.

We are glad that the support station was well received by the runners and that everyone generally had a great time at our pit-stop. Kudos to the team for getting up in the wee hours to be at the 27th km mark early so that we could prepare and setup for even the fastest runner to come through. The following photo-log will tell a little bit more about the story.

Setting Up
Setting Up The Sponsors' Banners
All Done and Ready!
Making Hammer Nutrition Endurolyte FIZZ - Ice COLD, no less
Team Skechers
Team Garmin
Picnic time! Huge crowd at Team 2ndSkin Booth
Having Fun!
Low Crowd = Reloading time. Where is the ice?
Very F1 Pit-stop like!
The Ultra-runners antic!
Hammer FIZZ, Watermelon and cold water spray for everyone running past our station
We have Fans!!! (we hope they are...haha!)
The Team (L-R) : Ee-Van, Annie, Yip, Chan, Eugene, Roy and Jason
Special thanks to be accorded to Team 2ndskin’s sponsors for 2013:
Hammer Nutrition for supplying the Hammer FIZZ electrolytes that were a hit with the runners! Special mention also to Liz Roberts from Hammer who completed her first Marathon at this event!

Skechers Performance Malaysia and also Garmin Malaysia for always being there to support us in all our activities.

Kudos also to Karen Loh and her team of organizers who made this inaugural Malaysia Women Marathon a success. We believe all the runners had an amazing time (judging from the response and feedback from the crowd) and the participation will definitely grow with the coming years.

Team 2ndskin will also continue to support the MWM in the coming years, in whatever way possible.
Update April 25, 2013

Team 2ndskin’s Project Dignity CARES campaign which was run from 27th February to 3rd April 2013, has finally seen closure with the passing of the fund-raising cheque to Dignity for Children Foundation. A total of RM4,188.00 was raised via the generous contributions of society who want to make a difference to these underserved childrens’ lives.
Dignity for Children Foundation
Any of them maybe our future leader(s) of tomorrow
 Enthusiastic and dynamic children
Roy getting lessons on badminton play from Po Po
Dignity for Children Foundation provides education to children from desolate homes, refugee children and the hardcore poor kids. Currently the foundation serves as a school to approximately 800 children, from Taska age all the way up to Secondary 5. These kids a provided not only with proper education, but a wholesome meal, good moral and cultural teachings and instilled with values like teamwork and cooperation via the foundation’s programs. The volunteer teachers, caretakers and care givers are dedicated and give their all whole-heartedly to the students and children.
Having a conversation with a couple of the students who were in Primary 5 and 6 when we were there, we were pleasantly surprised by their enthusiasm, their ability to get their thoughts across and their confidence in speaking to strangers (like us). They were not the shy and reserved children you would have painted a picture of, when you speak of underserved children.
Possibly, if given the right opportunities, these children who come from poor broken homes may one day find themselves to be the future leaders of our community and society. What we can see is, education and proper attention given to children during their formative years will help shape their lives and very likely help get another child / teenager off the streets.
Team 2ndskin is proud to be able to do our part for the children.
PeopleGiving Organization
We would also like to take this opportunity to thank PeopleGiving Organization for being the enablers for this campaign. They are a group of dynamic young volunteers who have selflessly sacrificed their time to setup the PeopleGiving Organization and portal to enable individuals and corporate alike to use their online platform for fund-raising activities. PeopleGiving are fully dependent on sponsorship to stay afloat as they do not take any commission or fee from the use of their platform as well as the funds raised. Special thanks to GekWe and Jason from PeopleGiving who were also present with us when we handed the cheque over to Miss Beant from Dignity.
Presenting the cheque to Ms Beant of Dignity
Group shot
Appreciation certificates given by Dignity and PeopleGiving for the campaign effort
Last but not least, Team 2ndskin sponsors deserve a mention for fully supporting us throughout the Project Dignity CARES campaign. Here’s to Garmin Malaysia, Skechers Performance Malaysia and Hammer Nutrition Malaysia!!

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