Friday, 10 May 2013

Tri Stupe : The New Vaporlite Reviewed

If you all did not know, the new Vaporlite material is used in the Offroad Triathlon t-shirt. How did it perform compared to the existing Vaporlite? Tri Stupe has put it to the test with a 5km run. 
2ndSkin : Offroad Triathlon in New Vaporlite Material
In conjunction with Xterra Malaysia 2013, My sponsor 2ndSkin Asia came out with a t-shirt design to commemorate the event. It was launched just four days before the race. 2ndSkin has a write up on the new Vaporlite material.
Read about them here. New Vaporlite
I wore this T to the Xterra pre-race conference with the Pro and to pick my race kit up. I know a few were asking which race I entered to get the his "Race T". They were utterly surprised when i told them it is actually on sale at 2ndSkin.Asia website for RM69!
Read more about it here

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