Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Road to Penang 100 Ultra - Deo

Hi all, apologies for the long silence on the blog. Seems the lack of posting is related to many of us in the team getting caught up with different things and more so with the sudden less than usual activities during the recent fasting months. We are catching up again and today, we are sharing Deo Azrul's write up about him preparing for the Penang 100 Ultra. 

Road to Penang 100 Ultra - Deo
31st August is Malaysia's independence day. The recent independence day also marked the end of my 2-month training program for Penang Ultra 100 (P100) which is scheduled to be flagged off at 9pm on Saturday, 6th September (less than a week from now). It would be my 8th 100km race and the nervousness that I'm feeling now is as though it is my virgin 100km race. P100 would just be my second road 100km after Beaufort 100K in last June but there are two main reasons why P100 gives me a real scare: 1) The rolling elevation at the Balik Pulau stretch as well as the 800m++ Penang Hill that we have to deal with after about 80km into the race (and if only I manage to get that far into the race); and 2) Fighting sleepiness when the race is scheduled to be flagged of at 9pm. Normally staying alert and awake between midnight and 2am would be very difficult. 

The training program was carefully planned to incorporate sufficient training for mileage/endurance, some speed works for intensity and at the same time not overdoing and risking ourselves to injuries. If I could recall, I never prepared a proper plan in my previous ultra marathon races, except for my very first 100km race in TNF100 Thailand back in 2012. The program was also carefully tailored so that Khairul, a good friend of mine, would be able to prepare himself to finish his first 100km race (he had never done anything more than a full marathon distance race before). Planning was easy but to execute it would take another set of efforts. 

Read all about it here at Deo's blog : Penang 100 Ultra 

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