Thursday, 25 September 2014

Lifeline-ID and Team 2ndskin Collaboration

Team 2ndskin is proud to announce a new collaboration with Lifeline-ID who are the makers of wearable ID that allow others to be able to reach your loved ones or to provide medical support in an emergency or accident.

We at Team 2ndskin are very aware of the importance of such a feature and with our active lifestyles and at frequent times, solo training runs and rides in the wee hours of the day, having peace of mind that in the event of any untoward incident, our emergency contacts can be notified immediately. 

For those with medical conditions or allergies, this Lifeline-ID also serves as the first page of critical information especially to care-givers and emergency response personnel.

Lifeline-ID. Wear it always. Anywhere. Anytime. Check it out at

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