Thursday, 14 August 2014

Free Multisports (or generally sports) Tips : Jun Shen

I was attracted with the “life hack” pictures I saw in Instagram, so I thought of sharing some multisport hack that I practise. Hopefully it helps our blog readers to save money, or get things done easier, faster and more efficiently.

Hack 1.  I believe all cyclists face this problem when changing a new pedal cleat. If you’re not changing new cleat position, use a pencil to draw around the shape of yr old cleat position instead of writing down the scale you saw on the carbon sole. This method is more accurate and saves you from re-doing your bike fit all over again.

Hack 2.   Participating in a race that doesn't provide luggage deposit and have to keep all your stuff in the car? Need to carry car key but compression shorts doesn't have pocket? Here is the solution. If you’re wearing lock laces, you can secure your car key to it diagonally. It stays with u til the end of your race no matter how many thousand times you pound on the ground. I do it this way for all my running races, including full marathons.

Hack 3.  Running a 10km race with a compression shorts and want to carry one or may be two gels? Tuck it under your compression shorts. Make good use of the compression to hold your gels. 

Hack 4.  You find bike cleaning a tough task? Tie a strap onto your saddle and secure it to a strong structure on top. You can turn the bike 360 degrees and easily access to any part of the bike. You can spin the pedal and brush the cassette easily too. This makes cleaning much easier. Instead of buying a stand which costs more than RM200, you can recycle any unused strap or chord as long as it can support the weight of yr bike. 

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