Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The Team 2ndSkin Running Clinics For Beginner

Starting May, Team 2ndskin embarked in a new journey to share and help new runners by conducting running workshops that cater to beginners. The idea is for the team to share their experience with the running community and to specifically help beginner runners to achieve their goals, be it comfortably completing a 10K race  or to improve their timing. The workshop is design to be interactive with low number of participants to try to have the personal touch to everyone needs. And to date, the workshop has been very interactive with many questions posted by the participants that is beneficial to all.

We have structured the workshop in a way that each participant (regular or beginner runners) will hopefully go back with at least one new information they can apply to their runs, and with three sessions conducted in Desa Park City, Kota Kemuning Lake and Dataran Kemerdekaan Shah Alam to date, we believed everyone went back with something for them to work on.

Through these sessions, the team has covered more than 20 participants, ranging from beginners planning to run their first 10K to season full marathoners. With the diverse background of the participants, most often than not, the workshop dragged longer than the expected time of 1 hour 15 minutes, but it was mostly welcome as the discussion was spot on to the participants need.

The workshop starts with a brief introduction of the team and our background. It will then move around the floor for each participants to introduce themselves, share their background, what they expect out of the workshop and their next goal.
Workshop 1 : Desa Park City
Once we were done with the formality, we got straight into the serious stuff. The basic of running is shared, where we covered the posture, movement and some training tips. With the theory out of the way, participants were to try out the movements themselves while we tried to monitor and provide them with feedback. The participants were then asked to run 1-2 KM with the new found sharing. 

Next, we tried to cover the maintenance of the body (aka engine) to ensure that all the running/training will not cause an abrupt stop due to any injury/pain or illness. This is where the topic on stretching comes in. We would also introduced the importance of foam rolling and trigger points massage. This topic is to ensure the participants know how to "service" their body after putting their engine through intense training day after day. Other topic we shared is the strengthening and conditioning of the muscles, which in general helps with maintenance as well as improved performance of the runner. The workouts we covered is shared and certified by our Fitness partner - Get Active Personal Trainer. We do advice for those that is serious to get certified Personal Trainer to guide them to the next level.
Workshop 2 at Kota Kemuning
Nutrition and hydration discussion comes next. This is where we talked about what goes into the engine (body). This is normally divided in to what we consume before, during and after a workout/race. What goes into the engine is as important as how we train to ensure prolong running career and best performance. Some other topics we covered include attire, shoes, technology, cross training and to your surprise, we even covered how to look good while running. As 2ndskin is an apparel company, how to look cool with 2ndskin tees is definitely in our DNA. 

We will then go through a Q&A session where we try to answer the queries and concerns of the participants.

The feedback thus far has been positive with many of the participants wanting more knowledge sharing from the team. We have participants that is in regular contact with the team to provide progress update on their training, which is very encouraging.
Workshop 3 : Shah Alam
The team has been very open to suggestion/feedback by the participants throughout the three sessions and has been working on incorporating the feedback into future workshops.
More sessions are in the pipeline and will be announce soon once it is ready.
Here is what the participants view about the workshops:

1) Krystle Teoh (DPC 1st May)

- First running workshop wit Team 2ndskin and spot on solutions were provided for several issues raised by us. So much to learn from these guys here. Most importantly they offer much more advise apart from just running do's and don'ts, I'm sooooo looking forward to the second session.. KUDOS on the first workshop guys!!
2) Jennifer Fei Meng Wong (Kota Kemuning 3rd May)
- Hi guys, Thank you for sharing your valuable experiences. The workshop was most beneficial and inspiring especially for the beginner like me. Learning the correct running posture is very important, it helps me in ways of speed, strength and reduce chances of injury. Really learned a lot today. Keep up the good work guys. Thanks again.
3) Christine Peh (Shah Alam 17th May)
- Hi guys, thanks for the workshop! It was very helpful in introducing a total newbie like me to the world of running. I liked that the workshop was conducted in a small group which gave people a chance to talk and ask questions. The team athletes were down to earth and open in sharing their personal experiences and it felt like a community talk than a rigid session. Topics covered such as proper running posture, breathing, nutrition, strengthening exercises, types of training, stretching, etc were practical and have helped me put more thought into how to prepare for my upcoming race. Thanks for getting me started and look forward to attending more of your sessions in the future!

In the mean time, stay tune and register yourself for the next workshop

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