Friday, 2 May 2014

Skechers GoSpeed2 : Quick Review by Irene Chong

A week before the Tasik Kenyir international triathlon race, our principle- Eugene brought me some good news where he told me that I could collect my new racing shoes and the best thing was I still had time to run in it and break it in before the race. :)
With Speedlaces
I have had good experience with the previous version of GoSpeed, which was my choice of racing shoes. Eugene, EV, Chan and Roy run in the GoSpeed2 and they have told me very good things about it, so I was very eager to try it out.

Well, this time I still chose the male fit as the toe box is slightly wider and it fit me well and also I chose my fav colour- Blue. Since I do triathlons, I need to ensure that I can slip on my racing shoes fast in transition and that my shoes are easily spotted. Customizing my new shoes, I put on a set of quick laces in 2 color tones, red and yellow and I think they look really striking!
New material
The new GoSpeed2 is definitely softer at the sole, not as stiff as the original GoSpeed. The internal layering of the shoe at the side is smooth and that allows me to snug in my shoes faster, quicker and easier. The air circulation and breathability  is improved which my feet didn't feel super hot when I'm racing under hot sun and hot road. Good breathability shoes allow me to focus 100% on my running because every time when I feel the heat from my shoes, I will keep pouring water onto my shoes to cool it down and that causes the shoes to retain water and get heavier.
New flex-strip. More forgiving material = softer landing
One of the improvements (for me at least) of this shoes is the sole. The resalyte sole is softer than the previous version. Previously I will experience pain and muscle soreness after more than 10km run with my GoSpeed during a race or a hard training session. It felt a little too stiff for my liking. Now the sole is softer and this allows me to go longer on a run with more mileage. The slightly wider toebox also fits me better and I finished the Kenyir International Triathlon without any blisters!
Thank you Jack Ah Beh Photographer
As I said previously, the Skechers GoSpeed makes me want to run faster and run more because of the lightweight structure and pure racing shoe feel, and this new GoSpeed2, with its improvements, gives me even more reason to slip them on and race hard. I love these shoes!

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