Friday, 29 November 2013

Skechers GoRun3 Review

Eugene's Skechers Shoe review has laid out the guidance to what Skechers has to offer (the range). Stupe has written about the (yet to be launced) GoRun3 (GR3) that he has been clocking decent mileage in since mid-November. If you missed out on his posting (which is unlikely if you have been following his blog), here is a cross-posting as part of "share more" concept in Team 2ndSkin.
GR2 (top) and GR3 (bottom)
What is evident is that the GR3 ride-height has been increased slightly, which lend more cushioning without adding on more weight to the shoe. It surprises us in the team as well that both the GR2 and GR3 weight almost the same despite the additional "plushness". Material advancement has definitely placed this long-time best seller (GoRun) series top of it's game. Interested to know more? Including seeing Stupe's antic of running with TWO different side of the GR2 and GR3 simultaneously? Head over to the review below.

<Snippet from the blog>
Real Feel GR2 vs GR3
Things I do to review shoes and for general masses to make more informed choices. Yes, I've been running with one side of each shoe, opposite side at different occasion just to get a feel and feedback of how it could be different. The results were pretty good though after about 10km, it doesn't really felt significantly different as the muscles starts to fatigue over faster pace.
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