Thursday, 14 November 2013

2XU Run Race Report by Tri Stupe

With Annie

We all love race reports. Team 2ndSkin has raced in many races and the team's schedule can be viewed in this part of the website here. Some of our team mate has their own blogs and it is only natural that some cross-postings happen between here and theirs. Today, it is Ee-Van aka Tri Stupe's entry on the recently concluded 2XU run at Bukit Tunku area. Himself and Annie Yee raced and Annie came up 5th in the Women Category. Congrats Annie! Well done Stupe on the good timing for the 15km run (1:11:45)

Here is his race report

2XU 15km 2013 Race Report

...Many would had thought it was the ONLY hill, as after all, Bukit Tunku can't be that brutal, right? All i can say is that the 2XU run provided me what I usually do on Sunday...Hillwork. I was really happy as beyond KM8 was hills after hills after hills...[click here to read the full entry]
Thank you Kenny Foo Photography

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