Friday, 1 November 2013

Malakoff Powerman Duathlon Asian Championship Roundup

Good Morning people! Last weekend (Sunday) saw two of our athlete racing the Malakoff Powerman Duathlon Asian Championship. Both Roy Yeow and Ee-Van represented Team 2ndSkin in the race. It was Roy's first multi-sports race and Ee-Van's 7th participation in the Powerman. For those of you not familiar with the multi-sports concept especially Duathlon, it is a Run-Bike-Run event where you do the sports back to back in succession. For Powerman, the distance call for a 11km run, then a 64km bike and a 11km run. Time limit is 5hours 30mins.
Roy in Boardman Bike. Photo from Vivien Tay.
For this race, both Roy and Ee-Van finished the race in good timing. Much respect to all participants for just showing up at the starting line. It was a super hot day and many of you that raced went home with a tan darker. 

Official Results:
Ee-Van : 4:08:30 (Gun), 4:07:42 (Nett)
Roy : 4:46:13 (Gun), 4:45:34 (Nett)

For some of you that wants to read about the race, Ee-Van has written a good report in his blog, detailing the preparation before the race and the race itself. Head over to read and see if you can pick up some tips, or two!

Tri Stupe Malakoff Powerman Duathlon Asian Championship Race Report

Snippet from the write up:
Post Race
As I finish writing this, the official results is not out yet. I reckon, after adding up all the elapsed time of my own race, it was a slower 4:07:59 compared to 2012 4:04:15. A good 3 minutes out but it was a good 35% less effort compared to 2012. The effort and proper training I put in the past 1-year is showing results. It took a lot of hard work and sweat. Most of all, it took a lot of learning and understanding my own body and limits. 
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Lets wait for Roy's maiden experience as a multi-sports athlete!

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