Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Tri Stupe : Sabah Adventure Challenge Race Reports

As some of you might know, one of our team mate, Ee-Van, otherwise known as Tri Stupe recently took part in Sabah Adventure Challenge in the 75km Solo Ultra category. Little did he know the race covered close to 85km more due to elevation/vertical distance (Garmin tracked this!) and route diversion. He relied 100% on Hammer Nutrition (and mind you, he believes in real food) and came out happy to see how proper race nutrition and planning helped him not only race, but recovered as well. The Skechers GoTrail not only protected his feet over the distance, but offered superb traction in the wet jungle and good cushioning (despite being minimalist) on the dusty gravel road that seems to last forever.
He has written his report in 3-parts, one for each day and here is his story.
By the way - he was with his wife throughout the whole race. What better way to "give back" as he  always say "She has supported me through all my races, now is my turn to do so". Sweet!
We would like to thanks the sponsors - Skechers, Garmin and Hammer Nutrition for the support they have given to him. Also to all of you readers that has contributed to the Team 2ndSkin Project DIGNITY CARES. This one is for Dignity for Children Foundation.  
Sabah Adventure Challenge Race Report : Longest Day 1

The phone alarm went off at 4.45am sharp and it was shut off almost immediately. Laying down in bed covered by the comforter and warmed by the room's heater, i inhaled cold air.
Despite wearing a light jacket over a t-shirt to sleep, i still felt cold. I woke wifey up and I was not sure how she will be feeling that day. It will be her longest day racing.
Camelbak Octane 18X packed and ready
That was an eerie silence as I mix the Hammer Nutrition Perpetuem powder to be taken as breakfast. One pack/serving provides 270kcal in 20oz water. Cafe Latte was the choice of the day.
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Sabah Adventure Challenge 2013 Race Report : Hottest Day 2

The biggest task ever for anyone attempting SAC is to wake up the next morning after a tough Day 1 and continue to do the race again. While it is not a norm that Day 1 will always be tougher, participants need to remember that in adventure race, anything can happen - and getting lost is top of the list.
Immediately after Day 1 over, we have to prep for Day 2. This was at 11pm. Clearly shown me and Bandit refilling and refuelling for the next day. Photo thanks to Kam.
Day 2 for us started right after the Day 1 race was over. Re-planning and obviously missing the race briefing doesn't help. Our main aim was to get back to Mesilau, take dinner, stay warm and plan for Day 2. Kam finished Day 1 early and will be our eyes and ears during the briefing. 
Sabah Adventure Challenge 2013 : Scenic Day 3
I can't believe i wrote a 3-parts race report like what I did for Bali Marathon 2012. I hope you readers enjoyed the sharing. It has been tough and tight for me, time wise to produce more write ups as I am in the midst of a career move. It was a mixed feeling on Day3. One small part of us were glad the race will finally be over and the larger part were upset that we have no more race tomorrow when we wake up! Yes. Race withdrawal syndrome even before the race actually ends. The past two days has been great and the last day looked promising with 15km more to go. While the other two days has been pretty "off the mark" in terms of mileage, no one actually complained. A testament that those that was participating were there for the pain!
Skechers GoTrail clocked it's 90th Mile before today (Day 3).
It was a mixed feeling Sunday for us. Easter Sunday. It was strange for wifey not to be home with her family (she and the kids are Catholic) for this festivities. I told her if we see a church (very likely), we will drop by for the mass. Promise.
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