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Project CARES : Dignity For Children Foundation

Education is the basic and fundamental right of every child in this world, regardless of nationality, race, gender or status. We at Team 2ndskin believe that every child should be granted equal opportunity and rights to at least basic education so that they will be able to survive in this world and have a better and brighter future. This is also the basis to why we have chosen Dignity for Children Foundation (DIGNITY) as the beneficiary of our pilot campaign under Project CARES.

DIGNITY provides education to the underprivileged and urban poor children in an effort to break the poverty cycle that will keep rotating if not intervention is made. A more in depth understanding of DIGNITY and their vision and mission can be found at their official page -

What is Team 2ndskin doing for Project DIGNITY CARES?
LimEe-Van and Roy Yeow, 2 athletes who race under the Team 2ndskin umbrella together with team principal Eugene Teoh will put their physical and mental capacities to the test at the tail-end of March 2013 in a bid to raise funds for Dignity for Children Foundation.

Ee-Van will fly to Sabah to participate in the Sabah Adventure Challenge 2013, a 3-day endurance race (from 29th – 31st March) across the Kinabalu Crocker Range. He will cover 75km on foot over 3 days and will need to be self-sustaining and to navigate his way through the adventure challenge. The level of challenge will be extreme as he will have to face Mother Nature in her own backyard, rough terrains, unpredictable weather and the fear of the unknown in the remote rainforests of Sabah. Ee-Van is expected to race for up to 8 hours a day while carrying his own supplies and equipment required to work his way through checkpoints.

On the same weekend, Roy and Eugene will head down south to our neighbor country Singapore to participate in the Twilight 16 Hours Ultra Challenge. This event is a 16 hour run from 7pm 30th March right up to 11am 31st March. Both their mental and physical conditions will be put to the test as they battle tiredness, fatigue and sleepiness to complete this grueling event. While most of Malaysians and Singaporeans will be sleeping, these 2 guys will be pounding the tarmac in a bid to create awareness and hopefully benefit DIGNITY. 

How can you help?
Team 2ndskin has linked up with People Giving Foundation ( to create this campaign Project DIGNITY CARES which will benefit Dignity for Children Foundation. This campaign will be hosted on People Giving’s online portal at Note that all funds and donations raised will be channelled to DIGNITY and that People Giving and Team 2ndskin do not take any fee from this campaign.

You can make this a success by going to our Project DIGNITY CARES campaign page and help by donating (any amount will do) to our campaign and benefitting the underprivileged children with hopes for some level of education. On top of that, please help us to share our campaign on your own Facebook page, Twitter, blog or email correspondents so as to create awareness of Project DIGNITY CARES to a wider audience. Your goodwill and kind gestures will truly be appreciated by these children; help bridge the disparity in education opportunities and give hope and a glimmer of light to the future generation.

(L-R) Ee-Van, Eugene and Roy
What Team 2ndskin Athletes Say

How do you juggle your workload, family commitments and find the time to train for such an event?
Lim Ee-Van:
Life-Work Balance. Keep work at working hours and spend the rest on life. We sleep 8hours (ideally, but we hardly do), work 8hours, and spend the balance 8 on other priorities such as family and passion we have (i.e. sports).
On average, we need only 90mins max to train/day and a proper plan is essential. Discipline ensures that the plan goes through. Determination to see it executed to plan. 90mins is just 6.25% of our day, we likely spend more time eating than exercising ;)

Most people find that running for 30 mins is already very tiring. What inspires you to run non-stop for 16 hours?
Roy Yeow:
Human physiology is made for endurance running. The thought of our ancestors chasing down their meals through hours and hours of running has given me the inspiration to simulate the gruelling task.

Have a question?
Talk to us at –
Feel free to ask us anything about the campaign and we will endeavour to answer all your questions with as much information as we can. Last but not least, thank you for taking the time to read through our campaign and help us to share the awareness.

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