Saturday, 28 November 2015

Team2ndskin Garmin Clinic Revision - High Intensity Interval Training

Dear Participants of Team2ndskin Garmin Running Clinic,

The High Intensity Interval Training has been successfully completed today with plenty of new knowledge especially on heart rate, pace management, training program and running posture. The 5km HIIT is a very useful tool for you to kick start and juggle around to find what kind of HIIT is best for you. There are so many types of HIITs out there for you to try, I'd suggest all of you to try out and experiment what is best for you. In case of uncertainties, we are always here to help.

Do some revision with the notes shown to you guys just now. 

The workout could be improved and pushed to a new limit by correcting some of the very minor mistakes which are:

Breathing Rhythm
Do not restrict yourself from breathing. The air is free of charge so why refrain from breathing? Get the rhythm right, either 1 inhale 3 exhales, 2 inhales 2 exhales and so on. There is no single method works for everybody, so find what suits you best. Once the breathing is corrected, chances of getting side stitches could be reduced and definitely you can go faster to score your Max Heart Rate in your next HIIT. To cure side stitches, slow down and exhale hard as the opposite foot strike the ground.

I am not a breakfast guy but I take breakfast prior to all major races because it is too important to be neglected. The best time to have big breakfast is around 2 hours before the race. Late breakfast can cause side stitches. Optionally, take light breakfast such as bananas before the workout. 

Maintaining a good posture is a great challenge in HIIT. As the body gets tired, it will be a huge challenge to maintain a good running posture. Remember the 4 points and the centerline, stay focus to maintain it. A good posture is the key to avoid major running injuries. 
Remember the lines and points.

Go Hard or Go Home
HIIT is meant to be intense. You will need to put in maximum effort to make the workout to be called HIIT. Upon completing a fast interval, check your Garmin to see if you've hit zone 5. Normally I'd set my Garmin to alert me once I've get 5 beats closer than my max heart rate. Don't call it a HIIT if it's not max effort.  
Max Effort! Very well done! 

Garmin Malaysia is being very generous for bringing so many different models for all of you to try. As the saying goes, early birds get the worms. Come early and you get to pick the watch first.  Come back to us if you need any assistance. Overall, job well done and plenty of room for improvement. Rest well and come back stronger.

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Best Regards,
Chan Jun Shen
Team2ndskin Athlete
5 X Ironman Finisher

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