Thursday, 26 November 2015

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2015 - Annie Yee's Race Report

I regretted when I registered for this marathon 4 months back. But, after cancellation of SCKLM, I was praying hard to run this marathon to prove myself. Three days before the race, I did feel my body is weak like jelly. Flu started to buzz me. I opted not to eat any medicine as I do believe that ANY medicine might affect my body.
3 days.
Rolls of toilet papers
7 fresh coconuts water.

Still, I felt the uneasiness on Saturday evening after waking up at 1030pm. 3 Hammer Nutrition gels in my pouch pre-prepared, there I departed. Arrival at Queensbay Mall carpark around 11:40pm. The organizer prepared instructions to runner so that they dont get confused where to go. (Thumb up!). Along the way, I met friends from KL and Johor as well. I was unsure if I was too nervous as I went to toilet more than 5 times in between 11:45pm-1:00am. I did my proper warm up. Starting with jogging, followed by stretching and drills, ended with striding to heat my body up. My nose was still clogged with buzzing mucus and I tried to ignore it. It was so annoying!

Followed the pacers to front starting point (Well, organizer recruited elite runner and I registered myself) and stood there around 15mins. The countdown started with fireworks and chief ministers short speech and 321..

Setting my watch ON, I ran with my easy pace. Surprisingly to bump into my hometown friend. I focused on the road as the way from Queensbay to BOSCH roundabout, it was dark! Deborah Chin, champion for unknown times of Ultra and Adventure of Mount Kinabalu tailed and we chatted awhile. She informed that her watch could not detect GPS and she did not know her pace. I decided to run with her side by side after knowing she wanted to do a sub3:30. (Years back, I could just look behind her back and now I could run side by side with her, it is my pride!).

A-U turn and we headed to Bank Rakyat. It was 10km when we passed by E-gate and my watch alerted 47:14mins (Not bad still). I reminded Debbin when we both dropped to 5mins pace so we could speed it up. When we reached Bank Rakyat, the water station was crowded with families and supporters (This is what we should have in Malaysia, SUPPORTERS MA!!) We made another U-turn and headed to the bridge. We passed by the 3:30pacer whom apparently was the same guy who motivated me during 3R marathon.

I started to feel uncomfortable with my right toes. Thinking that I over-tightened my shoe laces. (Ignore it). I sped up my pace to 4:40mins/km and followed Debbin. My 2 packets of gels fell when I attempted to take out from my pouch(almost 20km with one gel). I reversed to collect and quicken my strides to follow Debbin who was 20metres ahead. We met Choi Fern when we reached the slope of the bridge. She increased her speed whilst Debbin and I maintained our speed.  My speed started to slow down when we reached big U-turn toll. Debbin urged me but I couldnt speed up. I stopped to adjust my shoe lace. A guy stopped on the left divider caught up with me. Glancing on my watch, realizing I was slower with speed of 5:10mins/km when I exited the toll. Debbin seemed farther from me and I was slowing down (ALAMAK!). This Malay guy was a good companion as he slowed down whenever I slowed down and even passed me extra water. I tried not to focus by chatting with him and knew he came from Perlis. I was choked when I bite the plastic bag with ices. He purposely slowed down to see if I was alright. (Nak , 1MALAYSIA, NO RACISM OKAY?)

We came slowly to a guy with cap. Realizing he was William who did his 3:16 in Melbourne Marathon, I felt slight relieved! (Na na na..I am not the only one slow >.<) The Malay guy followed him and I was behind them. Guess that I was too slow already. I pushed myself a bit harder yet the pace maintained at 5:10mins/km. (Kenapa dengan ku?) I knew I had few km to go, and I walked for few seconds after sipping the water. By this time, it had reached 2hours 55mins. Oh! Dave Ang, 330pacer passed by me. Oh NOT!!!! Had not 21km runners around, I would have started to brisk walking. I kicked my legs to check my leg and no any pain like previous marathons. This was a good sign. I just need to fight with my laziness. I re-focused and thought of how coach taught me, how he mentioned about staying power, thought of winning to get the cash so that I could have bring my parents oversea.(Yes, I am saying that I need to win this, because I need to make my parents happy). It seemed like I could maintain my pace when I imagined my parents smiles.

Up to the slope, down the hill, it left 5km. I know exactly the way back to Queensbay mall. My pace from 5:30mins/km reduced to 5:10mins/km. Every single km was like 10km for me mentally, but I was physically strong when I tried to flash back my previous marathons. Normally, I walked for last few kms. I came across to a Kenyan at the last two km. Turning to left hand to Queensbay roundabout, my Forward running buddies, Mrs Boon, Calvin Boon, lawyer Lim and Mr Boon cheered for me(I had only realized after the race).I heard sounds but I couldnt see them! Lawyer Lim joked that my soul flew away on last 1km.

I pushed together with William and watching the digital clock showing 3:35, I crossed the finish line!

I sat down immediately. I was so dizzy and my leg was so weak in sudden. My team member,Jun Shen appeared from somewhere and accompanied me.Cp Tan came a few minutes later!

I still couldn't stand up in spite of St John messaged me leg. I was very dizzy and wanted to vomit. Jun Shen insisted me to the medical tent. I was aided to sit on wheelchair and strolled into the medical tent. I was given drip. Medical team was quick(thumb up!). 

While I was resting, Jun Shen was with Mr Ant as Mr Ant vomited! He was given drip also! I felt much comfortable after the resting.

So,this was how I ran my PBIM. I learnt lessons from this marathon.

1.When you are in sick and you insisted to run, do expect the worst. You need strong mental to overcome the illness.

2. Biting the ice cubes and place the ice cubes on shoulder do ease the pain.

3. Train yourself not to walk starting from beginning if you register for marathon. I saw many "walkers" walked in the beginning of the course.

This year,the route was definitely better than previous years! Marshalls,water stations and emergency teams were sufficient. For myself,certainly this was not good enough. There is a huge room for me to be better and faster.

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