Monday, 1 June 2015

Tip Of The Month : Making your Own Race Belt - Jun Shen

Ever went to a race only to realised you left your race belt? Have something spare, like a set of shoelaces (from a shoe laying inside the car?) or a loose piece of string? This month, Jun Shen share how he transform what he has extra into a set of good race belt that can be used and reused - at almost no cost.

Making your own Race Belt

Being a Boy Scout in St John’s Institution at the age of 13, I have learned to make knots as it was part of the task need to be mastered I get my “Usaha” badge. The skills of making knots have helped me in so many ways, give me any string and I can make something. Tip for this month, I’m gonna share with our blog readers how to make your own race belt. Either you are gonna use this as your real race belt or emergency survival race belt, it is all up to u. One thing for sure, it is lighter than the race belt you bought for over 50 ringgit. Before that, you need to master two knots, The Fisherman’s Bend and Alpine Butterfly. 
The Fisherman’s Bend is a knot used to join two lines. However, this knot doesn’t work well with slippery nylon strings. 
The Alpine Butterfly forms a loop in the middle of the rope, giving you flexibility to create a loop anywhere you wish. You will need a shoe lace to make this ultralight race belt.
 The self made race belt looks like this =) Much lighter than any race belt in the market.
I have raced Mount Telapak Burok with this self made race belt, and also the recent Shape Run.
Once you have mastered this, no race belt no problem. =)

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