Wednesday, 22 April 2015


Ryan was awarded the Top Performer mantle during the recently concluded first batch of Garmin - Team 2ndskin running clinic. We had a word with Ryan to see what he had to say about his experience and take-away from participating in the Running Clinic.
Ryan (left) with Anson, AECO Technologies (Garmin Distributor Malaysia) Marketing Manager
"Firstly thanks for the opportunity to join Garmin Team2ndskin Running Clinic and special thanks to Stupe, Roy and Deo for sharing their knowledge and experience. Most importantly we had fun which makes the training more enjoyable beside managed to try different models of Garmin GPS running watches that suits different runners. My main objective of signing up is how to maximise my short hour of workout due to busy work schedule beside  knowledge and tips shared by trainers helps to improve on running techniques in order to stay injury free 

17th Jan 2015 Sat 7am Bukit Jalil Park: First running clinic topic on "Tempo Run" is something new coz all this while I had been doing it wrongly. For example my 10km PB is averaging btwn 48-50 min and had been doing my tempo run below 5 min pace which is wrong. It is suppose to be 5.10-5.30  min pace as advised by our trainers. 

28th Feb 2015 Sat 5pm Kg. Pandan Sports Complex: "High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T)" can be fun and done in different ways as shown by the trainers in order to make running more interesting. It's not necessary need to be a run but different exercise too. It helps improve max vo2 whether doing a run or exercise

21st Mac 2015 Sat 7am Bukit Kiara Park: Hillwork and speedwork conducted here help builds strength. Suitable training venue also play important role to improve performance as different venue serve different purposes for training which is good for runners whom want to improve constantly. Short introduction done before did some trail running which was exciting to explore the hidden nature before ending the sessions. 

Glad to meet other runners by making new friends during the clinic and sad when the last session ends. Till we meet at some other time"

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