Friday, 11 April 2014

What it is like to be in Team 2ndSkin - Annie Yee

Being in member of 2ndskin family not only grows me up in running, I have grown up in my life. I know a guy named Chan Jun Shen who was very popular (yet still very famous now). A wrong click “accept” in Facebook brought this friendship extended to joining into 2ndskin.
In this family, we have variety of sport-men ranging from runner to ultra-man and ironman.  Let’s talk about the most competent leader, Eugene Teoh. In 2ndskin, he is like a big tree who gives shades to us, protecting us from harm and guiding us. Reminiscing back to the past, his genuine guidance and advices made me move on in my life when I was in dilemma. It is hard to find someone who is supportive of you and you can feel comfortable to talk to when you have secrets. Apart from this, he is the man who finds sponsorships for supporting our team, BRAVO TO HIM!!!
Every member in 2ndskin plays unique roles whom you will be surprised when you know how determined, diligent and how much of effort and commitment they put in sports and family as well, especially Eugene and Tri-Stupe. They have always played the roles to be a caring husband, good daddy, hardworking workers and competitive sportmen. Tell me, how many people are able to balance it? Time management and to differentiate the priority are the values we need to learn from these two guys.
Being in this family, I feel warmed and contented. Last year, year 2013 in Women International Marathon, my team planned from the beginning, where is the best distance to support the runners/ when is the best time/quantity of Hammer Nutrition/location of set up the booth etc. Just because I was going to join this race, they have decided to give a hand to other participants and supported the event be merrier. We whatsapp days and nights to discuss this. J It was a sweet memory for me in this race. Their presence enlightened me and I achieved a remarkable result
Then, last year I had my first time birthday celebrating with my team members. We had a small party in Eugene’s house and everyone gathered there. I was touched when I knew Jun Shen purposely spent time with us and right after that he had to drive back to Lumut in the middle of night. The commitment he gave to this family taught me to be better person. The responsibility he holds as a sport-man and a military officer has never disappointed anyone.
December babies
Recently, we gathered together to have photo shoot. We had to try and re-try till our professional photographer, Mr funny Jason to nod his head saying okay! From the early morning till the sun shone brightly in the sky, we did each single shot again and again. Nobody complaint about the scorching sun, about the irritating mosquitoes’ bites, about the grumbling of the stomach. If I were the 3 years back Annie, I would probably be the one who threw tantrum to our Jason, complaining about the situation we experienced and most probably my face would have looked like the L for whole day. Instead, we made fun and laughed non-stop. Sometimes, all of us focused in the small lenses. It was cute to see this.
Who is that girl in the photo?
Fortunately, god blesses me and brings me into this team with these wonderful members. Not only to meet these good people, I am lucky to get sponsored by Skechers Malaysia, Hammer Nutrition, Kraftfit compression wear, Garmin, Spyder Phillipines, GetActive, Bike Elementz and 2ndskin!
Run Like Never Before
We are not the top runners or top in the list, but the spirit of we have in the team moves us, be a brighter and achieving the dreams which of us looking for. Being in this team, I do really changed from a pessimistic person to a better person.
Team! Thank you!!!
Ed - we wish Annie a lot of luck and good tidings as she moves out of the comfort of her home to a new location for a brand new career north of Malaysia. Now we have another reason to head north for races and gathering. 
ps -  yes, we noticed you shedding some tears as we ended the photo session last weekend. This is not goodbye and we will see you again. 

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