Monday, 7 April 2014

Garmin Forerunner 620 Unboxing - Roy Yeow

Thanks to Garmin Malaysia, the team received an unit of Forerunner 620 for sharing and review. First off the block will be Roy as he bring us through the Unboxing review so we will know what is inside the packaging. We received the "blue" unit and this will help chase away the blues when we run! Over to you Roy.
Garmin Forerunner 620 Unboxing - Roy Yeow
With the collaboration of 2ndskin and Garmin, the team get their hand on one of the latest watch from Garmin. The Forerunner 620 is a direct replacement for the previous model 610 and the watch packs a new range of latest features. Before we look into the functionality of the watch, we have got to get it unboxed. 
The toy
The watch comes neatly packed in a 14cmx 8.8cm x 10.5cm box, with the watch being displayed through the top transparent window, protected by the outer shell. Slid the lid up to remove the cover, the watch is securely fasten to the upper layers while other stuffs are nicely hidden below it. 

On the left we have the manuals with the HRM-Run pod, follow by the heart rate strap and the power cable.
 With the plastic and box out of the way, you can see the manual comes in many languages.

Unlike the predecessor, the power cable is much smaller and it fits to the base of the watch nicely. The cable is not required for upload to Garmin Connect. 620 synced through Wifi networks, no need for a USB cable or dongle. 

The heart rate strap and HRM-Run pod plays an important part of the functionality within Garmin 620. Apart from measuring heart rate, the HRM-Run pod has features like accelerometer that allows for new metric. Note the running man icon that signify the difference of the HRM-Run pod from the traditional HRM pod.  

The watch itself is surprisingly lightweight and small compared to the 620. It has one additional button (total 4) compare to the 610 while the touch screen menu has been moved around. The screen area is pretty much the same 

Cropped! Tall Like Me!

Straps that can be replaced ;-)
 Here is a look of the watch compare to 910xt. As you can see, the 910xt is much more bigger in every aspect, making the 620 a pretty good day to day watch as well if you are not working out. 

BIG brother and "younger" brother (or sisters also can)
Lastly remove the protective sticker from the watch to start using the watch by pressing the on button (upper left). The watch will ask for basic information such as: language, gender, height, weight, and other details. You are now ready to use the watch. 

The fitting of the watch is great. The first time I wore the watch, I do not feel the watch on my wrist and it felt like it is never there. 

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