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Skechers Performance Running Shoes – What Runners Say

Team 2ndskin have been proudly supported by Skechers Malaysia since Dec 2012. Along the way, the team have shared our reviews and experiences running in the vast range of Skechers Performance Series of running shoes, and we have time and time again shared these write-ups on our team blog as well as answering queries about the shoes on our personal social media network.

In the course of sharing our thoughts on Skechers shoes, there are many runners who were harder to convince, mainly due to the fact that the traditional mindset was that Skechers is (was) a lifestyle shoe brand. How good could their running shoes be? These guys have been running in “big brand names” like Asics and Adidas and New Balance, so when Team 2ndskin came around and started promoting Skechers running shoes, many were skeptical. Is Team 2ndskin just promoting Skechers because they are sponsored runners? How good are the shoes, really?

Well, as Team Principal, I will go on record to say that even before Team 2ndskin collaborated with Skechers Malaysia (in Dec 2012), I was already a convert. My first pair of Skechers GoRun was purchased in March 2012 (with my hard earned cash, at full price!) after googling reviews and being convinced on paper that this shoe deserves a try. For that matter, I have run through many different brands of shoes, from the likes of Puma, New Balance, Brooks, Nike, K-Swiss, Newton and even Zoot and Inov-8.
My first pair of Skechers GoRun in March 2012
I was seriously impressed with the shoes so much so that in October 2012, I bought a 2nd pair of GoRun in green colour. I wore the GoRuns for all my races (since April 2012) and they were also my choice of footwear for my “A” Race in 2012, the Malakoff Powerman Asian Duathlon in Putrajaya.
Definitely my racing shoe of choice
So, to lay some of the skeptical thoughts to rest, I have conducted a poll amongst NON-sponsored runners who purchased Skechers running shoes for training and races and got them to answer 3 simple questions. Note that these runners are in no way affiliated with Skechers and have honestly answered the questions posed to them. The 3 questions are:
1.       How long have you been running in Skechers running shoes?
2.       What are the Skechers shoe model(s) you own?
3.       In 5 words, can you describe your personal experience or feeling of running in Skechers running shoes?

And the feedback we got…..
1.       For a year now. I have GoRunRide and GoBionicRide. 5 words: Lightweight, comfortable, flexible, fast, stylish. – Boon Keat, Penang.
2.       3 weeks. GoRun2. Smooth, fast for tempo run. – Saiful Azam, Ultramarathoner.
3.       9 months. GoRun. Light in weight and soft. – Yun Lian.
4.       3 months already. GoBionic, GoRunUltra and NiteOwl. Feels awesome when I wear. – Razukun7
5.       1 year. GoRun2 and GoBionicTrail. Awesome! Will get another pair! – Choy Lin, Klang.
6.       7 months plus. GoRun2. Light, comfortable, but few choices. – Boon Loke.
7.       Since Oct 2013. GoBionicTrail and GoRunUltra. Sockless, affordable, customizable minimalist shoe. (GRU is a bit bouncy though and makes me a bit unbalanced in the trail) – Cynthia, Ironman.
8.       8 months. GoRun2 and GoSpeed. Comfortable, lightweight, affordable, striking-colour, wear out quickly. – FunRunner.
9.       Since Jan 2014. GoBionicTrail. Awesome, surprisingly comfy, shoe-gasmic! – Anonymous, PJ.
10.   1 year. GoRunRide. Absolutely worth my every cent. – Ahmad Zamani, Bangi.
11.   Since July 2012. GoRun, GoRunRide and GoBionic. My PB and Podium shoe! J - Zheng Norahs, Blogger.
12.   Almost 2 months. GoRunUltra. Comfortable but quickly worn out. – Khairul Faizi, Marathoner.
13.   Since 2013. GoRun2. Great for short distance. – June YL.

All of the runners we polled were positive in their feedback about running in Skechers Performance Series of shoes and some told us that they were looking to purchase new pairs and would be seeking our advise in the future for newer models. There were one or two comments that the Resalyte outsole wore off quite quickly and that was something that I experienced initially too. My first feedback to Skechers Malaysia was when I first ran in the GoRun2 and within 100km mileage; I noticed the wear out rate at the sole was pretty fast. However, I decided to continue with the shoes and after that I realized the rate of wear became lesser and lesser and now that particular pair of GoRun2 has logged >500km and the rate of wear is quite standard to other running shoes. So yes, it does look like it wears out quite fast initially, but with the mileage, it does go the full distance and “lifecycle”.

If you are undecided, do take the plunge and try out a pair today. If you’re unsure of which model would suit your running style, do take the time to talk to us and we will offer appropriate advise with regards to your current shoes, your running mileage, your preferences and the types of runs you participate in. Drop us an email anytime or just hook up with us on social media.

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