Monday, 24 March 2014

Hammer Anti-Fatigue Caps – A Revelation

In the modern market, vast production of supplements has caused consumers to be confused and the attractive labelling aims to attract customers. Being part of Team2ndskin’s partner, Hammer Nutrition Malaysia, via Globalaerotech first gave me a bag of diverse products as a tester. The packing is humble looking, not much graphics and eye catchy design, I wonder if it’ll catch anybody’s attention if it gets on the shelf. I had the Perpetuem, Perpetuem Solid, Endurolytes, Endurolytes Fizz, Recoverite, Gels, and so on. Perpetuem and Endurolytes Fizz are the ones that I normally consume during training and race. Perpetuem works so well for me that it kills my major hunger problem in long course racing and fuels me with consistent energy, I have sworn by it ever since it solves my dilemma. Endurolytes Fizz comes in tablet form, it starts fizzing as it gets contact to water. A tube of Endurolytes Fizz has 13 tablets in it, equals to 13 x 600ml bottles worth of electrolytes. The magic in Hammer Nutrition gets me going for so many races throughout 2013, bringing me sporting endurance that I need to remain competitive in racing.      
I first heard of Anti Fatigue Caps about 3 weeks ago when I dropped by Eugene’s house to collect my Hammer supplements. I took a bottle from Eugene, and immediately the next day tested it at Genting Sempah. I rode with Irene on that day, kept staring at my Garmin 910xt to monitor my speed. I know that with my lack of training, the soreness in my quads will strike before I could climb the hill for the second loop. Guess what, I was riding at 20km/h going up Genting Sempah, 7km/h faster than normal! 35% performance improved! Second loop was slightly slower, 18km/h. But still, much faster than my average speed. Although I was tired, my quads were not sore at all! One of the biggest limitations that stops athlete from going faster and going longer has been solved.
Anti-fatigue caps contain potassium magnesium asparte, L-citrulline, ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate and a host of other components. Cut short the lengthy scientific explanations and put it in layman’s term, it buffers lactic acid. Not only the caps are gluten free and vegan friendly, it also increases glycogen availability for energy production. The excessive ammonia built up from protein metabolism during prolonged intensive workouts interferes with glycogen production, interrupts body’s energy output. With Anti-fatigue caps, I am able to stay stronger in multiple hours endurance racing. I will take 2 caps one hour prior to racing and continue with one cap per hour during the workout as prescribed on the label. Each individual is different however, and you should try and test to determine the effective dosage for yourself. Eugene mentions that he uses 2 caps before the race and 2 caps every hour for optimal effectiveness. It served him well during his recent Gunung Nuang Ultra Run.
Next I went cycling with my teammate Jason, he told me this, “Whatever you’re gonna take today, I’m gonna have it too!” So I packed up my “fast food” into a recycle bag, with Gels, Endurolytes Fizz and Anti-fatigue caps in it for Jason. As we climbed up Genting Peras, Jason told me, “Normally I feel sore at this point, but today I feel okay. Let’s see if it really works.” The ride went on to the peak, he said, “Bloody hell, no wonder all this whil,e you guys are so fast! Ask Eugene to get me one bottle!”

A couple of days ago, my Marine Engineering Officer had a friendly match prior to Navy Mini Olympics. I gave him two caps and he lasted the whole match inside the field, double his normal performance! Hammer nutrition never fails to impress me. By writing this article to share with the readers of our team blog, I hope I can level the racing advantage because by taking Hammer Anti-fatigue caps, it gives me tremendous advantage in racing. One thing for sure, these caps will be in my checklist for Langkawi International Ironman 2014!

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