Friday, 17 January 2014

Training While Travelling

Fresh from the oven as Tri Stupe returned home from a week away for work in the beautiful island of Cebu, Philippines. For those of you following this blog or his blog, you know he is training for his Ironman this year. Being away from home is no excuse not to train and he said "I will delay my rest week to maximise the opportunity to train while away, so to make it more relevant as a sharing" - in his Whatapps chat with us in the team. Nicely done, this is his sharing. See if this help you when you are travelling!
13 Training Tips While Travelling
The Modified Training
An hour after I've checked in and cleared the last (6pm) email for the day, I kit up and headed to the Gym. As with every place that can call themselves a "gym", they will have two very basic equipment - a treadmill and a spinning bike. Of course the compulsory weight stations and if you are lucky a cross-trainer. However, as the training I am in concentrate on Swimming, Biking and Running, I will use whatever machines there are in the gym as baseline for training. Here are my 5-days training.
5-Days Workout Tri Stupe way.

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