Friday, 10 January 2014

GETACTIVE – Our 2014 Team 2ndskin Partner

One of Team 2ndskin’s new partners on board for 2014 is GetActive, who complement Team 2ndskin by providing professional fitness and nutritional programs tailored to each individual Team Athlete to achieve their respective goals and targets for 2014. So, whether it is conditioning to race the Ironman or strengthening the core muscles for injury prevention or even optimizing the diet and nutrition for active workout and recovery, Team 2ndskin will tap into GetActive’s depth of resources and knowledge for better performance and results.

So, question is, who is GetActive? 
Get Active is also a family favourite
GetActive is a fitness training company that prides itself with a team of Internationally Certified personal trainers who provide safe and effective fitness training. Our main centre, The Base, located in Mont Kiara is fitted out with high standard equipment providing exclusivity and comfort for our clients.
Training sessions are by appointment only with your trainer and they are not limited to the centre alone. We also do sessions at your home, condominium gym and even outdoors. As a result, you get to work out at your own pace and leisure guided by our certified trainers. 
The GetActive team is a team of committed, responsible, sincere, passionate, creative and fun certified personal trainers who believe greatly and acts upon the fact that having an active lifestyle will give us a better quality of life. We will work according to our 10 Points of Culture to make sure that everyone we touch will benefit greatly from our knowledge, congruency and positive energy. 
Personalized training programs
GetActive is in the business of facilitating positive changes in an individual’s fitness, health and well-being, and disease prevention using a variety of lifestyle interventions (i.e. exercise, nutrition, stress management) and behavior-modification techniques. Our clients, regardless of age, fitness level or fitness goal look to us for guidance and motivation to achieve their fitness, health and wellness goals. They are people who take responsibility of their well-being and want to live an independent and good quality lifestyle as they age. 
We train a wide variety of clients ranging from ages 6 to 80 with different needs. These include clients who want to lose weight, gain muscles, improve performance on their sports, require post-rehab from an injury and regain pre-pregnancy fitness levels. We also have the knowledge to train clients with special conditions such as diabetes and hypertension.
Rehabilitation experts
The safe and effective training programs we use are the latest training methodologies, which are personalized to our clients, guaranteeing the results they want. Being result oriented, GetActive maintains and upkeeps physical and health records of each and every client. Our personal trainers are trained to present undivided focus and attention on our clients. 
Our personal trainers continuously keep up-to-date with the latest techniques and developments in our industry. We also strive to keep our clients programs fun, challenging and motivational, encouraging them to raise the bar and reach their goals. 
Core strengthening programs and exercises
GetActive has a network of health professionals and in-house certified dietitians who can provide nutritional advice and guidance for long term healthy lifestyles. 
As fitness professionals we take pride in interacting and communicating with other healthcare and medical professionals in order to provide our clients with wholesome solutions. All our trainers and wellness partners diligently maintain our certification by continually growing our wealth of knowledge and education. 
We empower people to live a better quality of life through adhering to a healthy and active lifestyle. We do not perform miracles, but we guarantee results. 

2014 has just kicked off, and health and fitness improvement is top on your resolutions list, get in touch with GetActive and see what they can do for you.

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