Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Skechers GoBionic Trail Unboxing

Heard about the contest where you stand a chance to win a pair of GoBionic Trail from Skechers Performance? No? It's not too late, read it here

Now, heard about the new Skechers GoBionic Trail? It was launched about two months ago and our athlete TriStupe was the first lucky person to take it out for a run. After 200++km, he will be writing a full review as to provide a good feedback on the shoes.

If you are still curious, he has written a pretty detailed unboxing write up here

Read On:
Skechers Malaysia has been generous and arranged for a pair of brand new trail shoe model for me to try ahead of the launch in Malaysia. I previously written about GoTrail here and here and here. This pair of new trail shoe will replace the GoTrail.  Some of the shortcoming of the GoTrail were noted in my previous write ups. Most notably how the back of the shoe actually collapsed after about 200km of trail usage. While that was not expected, but I have came to the conclusion that the GoTrail advantage of being a light trail shoe has it's disadvantage in the "structure" department, which has contributed to the observed collapse. Do bear in mind this does not change the shoe's performance at all. For the record, the GoTrail is still in service (for training/spare) and now coming to 300km mileage. I brought this up and provide feedback to Skechers Malaysia and apparently they listened. So, somewhere about a month ago, I was informed that a replacement is coming and it has only been "launched" at selected (five to be exact) shops in USA!
The GoBionic Trail
The teaser with less than hi-res photo fishing for color choices
Taking the Minimalist approach and riding on the GoBionic platform, the new trail shoe is known as GoBionic Trail. At time of writing, I've clocked no less than 25km over the long weekend running exclusively using this GoBionic Trail. For purpose of breverity, lets all call it GBT.
US11 GoBionic Trail - In Orange. Click here for larger image
Immediately after the Men's Health/Shape Run (that Skechers was the sponsor), I was told by Ivan and Adeline, the good people in Skechers that my GBT is "in the sky and to land soon". It then happened two days later. I drove to the outlet at 1Utama to collect it. As the shoe requested is already "my size", there were no trying needed and I must say it was quite a gamble for me. 
What if it's too big? or Small?
Full write up, here

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