Thursday, 26 December 2013

Skechers GoBionic Trail Review by TriStupe

Have you placed order for the new 2ndSkin Go Trail in new Vaporlite material? If you haven't, perhaps it is not too late to do so and stand a chance to own a pair of Skechers GoBionic Trail

You may have read about the unboxing review by our team athlete Tri Stupe, here is the full review of the shoe at 200++km. The real condition of the shoe after being used and abused in the trail sort of provide us a good insight (and opportunity to feedback to Skechers Malaysia for product improvement) on this retail priced RM399 (men) trail shoe. As they say, seeing is believing. This is what Tri Stupe has to show.
Skechers GoBionic Trail Review
<Excerpt from the review>...

The GoBionicTrail or GBT in short (in this blog, not officially by Skechers) is a replacement to the GoTrail (GT) that has served me really well. In case you miss this gem of a trail shoe, read them here.
To reiterate, the GBT is NOT an "upgraded" version of GoTrail, in fact, it's a brand new trail shoe as the design and features were totally different from GT.
GoBionicTrail in Orange.

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