Thursday, 11 July 2013

Project CARES: Run for NASAM 2013 campaign closure

Back in June, Team 2ndSkin announced a joint campaign with a group of runners to run for raising fund for NASAM (National Stroke Association of Malaysia). As the third largest killer in Malaysia now, stroke affected almost everyone life - directly or indirectly. One of the goal for Run for NASAM 2013 is to raise fund to support the activities of NASAM, with 24 runners recruited to run SCKLM for a cause. With 15 million people diagnosed with stroke worldwide every year and in Malaysia, over 50,000 cases, this campaign also target to raise the public awareness on stroke. Although SCKLM was postponed due to the deteriorating quality of air few days before the race, the campaign continued on with great success. 

Through the PeopleGiving portal, a 'giving' platform for everyone to give back to society, the goal was set to raise RM10,000 through this campaign. Limited edition NASAM running bibs were also printed, with all proceed from the sales going to NASAM. The idea is for interested runners to wear the bib during the SCKLM to help echo what we believe in, There is Life After Stroke.

The runners will complete the pledge to the donors by completing the race this September 29, 2013.

Within a short time frame of a month, team 2ndSkin athlete Roy went live on Lite FM to share his experience on stroke. With his background of 2 strokes attack, he captured the audience attention with the real danger of stroke affecting everyone. A few of the runners were also featured in Sin Chew Jit Poh newspaper sharing about the campaign.

By the end of the donation drive on PeopleGiving, we have successfully over achieved our commitment to NASAM by accumulating RM15,236. It has been a great pleasure to do our parts for this campaign and a really big thanks and appreciation to the donors who has helped in this campaign. Your contribution will go a long way to touch the heart and needs of the strokees in Malaysia.

Team 2ndskin would like to thank our collaboration partners - Garmin, Hammer Nutrition and Skechers for supporting this Run for NASAM campaign and provides valuable feedback and support to Team 2ndskin. 

Thank you all for supporting Project CARES and Run for NASAM.


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