Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Jun Shen : Langkawi 24 Hours Ironbound Challenge Race Report

Heard of Ironbound race in Langkawi? Here is Jun Shen's take on the race. Much challenges that the participants had to face apart from the race. Whatever it is, we are glad he came out with his spirit higher and that goes to show the amount of mental strength that Jun Shen has. Kudos for being inspirational.
I had good and bad first impression of this race. Initially, I rejected the offer to team up with Team Navy after knowing that I need to invest so much on race gears. Then I was told that Hong Kong team needs team mates, they will sponsor my registration fees, so I agreed. I bought my inline skates, compass, headlamp and so on. ONE DAY before we leave Lumut, they told me Hong Kong Team don't need me anymore. I was fine with that, I went to Langkawi with all my race gears anyway. Bumped into Lt Nik Suharto, he undergone minor operation last week so he came to race with 3 laparoscropy incisions on his abdomen. So he asked me to replace him, I agreed. At the same night, Hong Kong Team needed team mate AGAIN! Within that hour also, one of our Navy team couldn't compete due to injury he had before the race. Lt Nik made a clear decision asking me to race for the Navy, we need to win this race.

The race gears inspection and skill check.

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