Monday, 11 March 2013

TriStupe : Xterra Offroad Triathlon Sharing

Our team mate, Tri Stupe has signed up for Xterra Malaysia 2013 and will be racing among the world best Xterra Triathletes. He was involved in the previous edition in 2010 as the organiser and would not give up the chance to race it as a competitor this time around. True to his sharing spirit and in line with Team 2ndSkin motto of Passion, Motivation and Inspiration, this is his sharing to help you become Passionate in triathlon, Motivate to train and Inspire you with his story and sharing. Stupe has written two instalment for Xterra/Offroad Triathlon. You can read about preparing for your first one Here : Racing Your First Offroad Triathlon and he followed up awesomely with More Tips For Offroad Xterra Triathlon.

Here are excerpts from the writing, and as usual, don't be shy to ask us anything.
Racing Your First Offroad Triathlon
This is a very specific post for the upcoming offroad triathlon aka Xterra Malaysia. I am sharing some tips based on my ONE time helping to organise Xterra Malaysia in 2009 and my years of amateur novice triathlete. One reason why I love triathlon is because the mixture in training and races. It is harder to get bored (for those of you with short attention span). However, triathlon too, can be a bore if all you do is Swim Bike and Run on the road. So, how do you get out from the rut?

More Tips For Offroad Xterra Triathlon
This is a follow up from my write up previously on Racing Your First Offroad Triathlon. I promised some more tips that can be used in the race - which probably apply to many other races (multisports) as well. This is based on my own limited experience racing and things I have improved over the years. Do ask me if you have more questions or if my explanation below is less than clear.

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