Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Project CARES Team 2ndSkin Community Program

We in 2ndSkin and Team 2ndSkin have always held the belief that engaging in sports is a community based activity. The categories of sports that Team 2ndskin engages in is no different. Road running, cycling, triathlon, trail running, mountain biking; are all well supported by public and have a good following. Last year’s Penang Bridge International Marathon drew more than 34,000 participants across all categories.

Our vision is to get sports to bridge all barriers. To get sports to transcend all boundaries; let not the size of one’s physique, nor the number in one’s age, nor the colour of one’s skin, nor the status of one’s standing in society or community be a hindrance. Sports is for all walks of life.

One of our teams’ goals is to create awareness for sports to those outside the sports community. To make the circle bigger, so to speak. To let more people know about the benefits and importance of instilling a healthy lifestyle and engaging in physical activities to complement their daily lives. On top of that, we are also in this to keep the newbies motivated, to constantly support those who are new to sports and to keep those who are already in it, committed and passionate.

It is with the above in mind, that we have created Project CARES.

The name Project CARES is an acronym of the names of our pioneer team 2ndskin athletes, Chan/Annie/Roy/Ee-Van/Steven.

Project CARES aims to contribute back to society, be it the sports community or the general public. We intend to “give back” to others via programs, campaigns, activities and other means of support.

How will we do it, you ask? We will in time share with you the list of agenda we have on our plate and hopefully, we will also get your support and backing for the work that we do.

Stay tuned for more from Project CARES.

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