Saturday, 23 July 2016

Top 5 Mandatory Bike Servicing

Bike servicing knowledge is often overlooked by riders. Pushing the bike into the bike shop and let the mechanic perform the servicing does not guarantee a good servicing. On the other hand, knowing which part to service will make the bike faster than it was new. Tips of this month, team2ndskin athlete Chan Jun Shen will share some of the very important bike servicing tips which covers more than just cleaning the bike.

1. Wheel Truing

Cyclists bang into pot holes and uneven roads during training and racing, there is no way to guarantee a 100% smooth. A properly trued wheel last a long time. It also helps better transfer for energy from the frame to the ground through the wheel. The spokes are tightened and aligned by using a spoke wrench. 

2. Derailleur Tuning

A faulty derailleur gives the cyclist a lot unnecessary stress when the gear change fumbled. Get the front and rear derailleur tuned for correct shifting. A well tuned derailleur should not cause chain jump, and also able to do back pedal smoothly. In my opinion, all cyclist should learn derailleur tuning, because this is one of the most often mechanical failure occur in racing.

3. Chain Check

The life span of a chain is subject to riding environment and riding style. Most importantly, it depends on how well the cyclist maintain the chain. Some riders rides with low cadence big gears instead of high cadence low gear, so it puts a lot of strain on the links. Over time, it stretches the links and causes lost of power through poor energy transfer. One of the earliest indication is the loose links seen at the big chain ring. To better confirm this problem, Park Tool makes a very convenient chain checker. Optionally, use a ruler to measure the links. 8 links should be 8 inches long. If it is longer than 8 inches, it is time to get a new chain. Don't forget to clean it after every ride and put in new layer of lube.

4. Bearing Regreasing

There are many bearings in the bike components. Front and rear wheelset bearings, bottom bracket bearings, and pulley bearings. If rolling performance is a mandatory requirement for your PB, get everything stripped down and pump in fresh grease. A newly greased bearing will perform better than a poorly maintained bearing. I stripped down my bike, use different type of lubes and grease for different purpose. Check your OEM manual to confirm type of grease or lubes suitable for your bike parts. 

5. Torque Check

It does not matter whether your bike is a carbon or an aluminium one. There is a reason for manufacturer to etch torque requirement on the bike parts for the mechanic to comply. Putting too much stress by tightening the bolts too much can cause crack in the bike parts. A good engineering practice always impart mandatory torque check to ensure the bolt properly secured, not too lose and not overtighten. 

One of the best example, 5Nm to tighten the stem. Very often this reading goes unnoticed. 

Hope this tips helps=) A well maintained bike is a safer bike. 
Stay tuned for more monthly tips from team2ndskin.

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