Thursday, 5 February 2015

Garmin Connect IQ using Mac : Jason

The Garmin 920xt is the first watch that has the Connect IQ function. Think of it as a function that literally change your 920xt into a full wearable - and that includes changing the "watchface". While the setup using PC is a no brainer, those using Mac (you know, they like to be different), has issue making it work for their 920xt. Fear not, as our team mate Jason, managed to "cheat the Mac" and it it running. Disclaimer though, it is with some glitches especially when you try to install more apps (or widgets). In his very few you go
Garmin Connect IQ using Mac : Jason
Want these?
How to temporary enable Apps Watch Faces & Data Fields on the OSX
1. Plug in your Garmin watch to your Mac and launch Garmin Express (Watch will automatically Sync)
2. If you are trying to apply the App via Garmin Express, an error message will prompt. This menu will not work at the moment.

3. Open up your web browser and launch
4. Select your watch type: Fenix 3 Apps, Vivoactive Apps, Forerunner 920XT Apps, Epix Apps

5. Go through the option of downloading either the Popular Data Fields or Popular Watch Faces
6. Once selected the App click Send to Device
7. Sign In to your Garmin account with your username and password. If you do not have one, there is an option to Create One

8. Once signed in, select your watch model and select Confirm Device

9. Your Garmin Express will now show Sync complete and you will have the New Watch Face / Data Fields that you have selected.

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