Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Tip of the month : Lacing System For Narrow Shoes

Jun Shen has too much time to spare and often comes out with tips to share with us. Today, he shares an alternative lacing system to help with some of us bestowed with wider than usual feet. Read on to find out more.
Here comes another tip of the month from me. Normally my write up is pretty random. Whatever problem that I face in my training, I’ll write it in tip of the month once I solved the problem. As for this month, I’m gonna share about lacing system. Some shoes were made to be narrow, but some runners were born with fat wide feet. What if your favourite racing shoes is a little tight at the toe box area, but there’s no wider variants for that particular model? Some runners might try to loosen the lace, but compromise on the fit around ankle area which caused them blisters. Some tried the Locklaces with better flexibility, also hugs the feet more evenly, but you wish the elastic laces don’t hug your wide forefoot so tightly. In every long distance races, shoes fit are extremely important. The feet tend to swell over time, so sometimes comfortable fit might turn into tight fit. By changing the lacing system, you’ll have more control over the shoes fit without spending a single cent.
The Skechers GoMeb Speed2
The conventional lacing system is just like what our parents taught us, criss cross every single hole and finish it with a butterfly knot. This type of lacing method gives an even fit around the feet. Generally, once the shoes is too narrow, people will just ditch it out of their wish list, find another wider model.

Here is the suggested solution. I’m not saying the shoes can magically grow one size bigger. This lacing system loosen the forefoot without compromising on the snug fit around ankle area. It skips the criss cross method for first three holes, start the crossing after the third hole. 
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The frontal area becomes more spacious allowing the toes to spread comfortably during transition between foot strike and toe off.

Hopefully this tip helps =) Do let me know your feedback

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