Thursday, 26 September 2013

Team Updates

Hi all! We have been really busy recently with races after races and events after events. Sorry for the lack of updates but rest assured that the team is still very much alive! September has been a super busy month for many of us and here is an update to quickly sum up some of the activities post Raya :

River Jungle Marathon 2013
The team was represented by Eugene Teoh at the run. The route was awesome and the organisation top class. No one else we know serves Durian at re-fuelling station. Check out Eugene's happy face!
Photo from Eugene's FB
Shape Run and Men's Health Run : 12KM Putrajaya
The team took part in this race co-sponsored by Skechers Malaysia. Annie scored a 6th Position for Women Open while the boys wrapped up the race with good finishing time. Yip managed a 13th placing while Ee-Van landed at 28th. Roy paced Jason and both finished the 12km within 1hour 20mins. The team then joined the Skechers team to mingle and help with some product knowledge/sharing.
Clowning around after the run. Photo from Skechers Malaysia
TMBT 50km
The tough ultra-trail race known as The Most Beautiful Thing (TMBT) happened in Sabah and the participants not only have to battle tough trail but Mother Nature as well. The race was demanding mentally and physically but our resident Ultra-runner Roy finished it like a boss.  2ndSkin was the official garment supplier for TMBT. We are represented!
Roy in TMBT. Photo from Roy's Facebook.
Klang Oren Run 2013
Annie Yee effort landed her a first position in the 10.5km run. Clocking a good 45:31 timing. She is now good at long distance run and now fast on the shorter distance races. Watch this space for more update on this 2ndSkin Speed Queen
Annie standing proud. Photo courtesy of CM Chang.
Penang RHB Centennial Run
A week after the Oren Run, Annie went up north and participated in the RHB Centennial run. Coming in 2nd for the 10km run, her performance was consistent at 44:31 10km run. Congrats again Annie!

Annie at the prize giving. Thanks Wong Jin Ji for the photo.
Singapore Crazee 160
50KM was a warm up race for Roy. While the raining condition in TMBT were the stone in his shoe, Singapore Crazee 160km Ultra run saw Roy having fun in the sun. 17hours and he wrapped it up to continue to be an inspiration for this stroke survivor.

100miles and counting. Photo from Roy's FB.
Inaugural Enduro Asia MTB
Moving to some 2-wheeled love, 2ndSkin was one of the sponsor for the first Enduro Asia MTB race that took place in Bukit Kiara. The race saw 160 best trail rider in the region competing to be crown the best trail rider. 2ndSkin is proud to be part of this historic challenge.

2ndSkin booth at Enduro Asia MTB. Photo from Stupe's FB.
Garmin Fitness Talk
Garmin as one of the collaborator with 2ndSkin organised a Fitness Talk. The team believes in giving back and has been more than happy to be part of it and shared tips on running and preparation for marathons and ultra-marathons. The event was well attended and we hope to be able to do more of these sharing. 

The team with some of the participants. Photo courtesy from Garmin Malaysia
Standard Chartered KL Marathon
See you all at the starting line. Please say Hi when you see us!

Stay tuned. More to come.

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