Friday, 7 June 2013

Android Apps for Garmin 910XT

It has been busy weeks for the team and we are now back recovering (for now). Apologies for the minimal updates and there are a few good postings (and cross-postings) that we will publish within the next week for sharing. For today, we want to highlight Jun Shen's review of an Android Apps that "talks" to the Garmin 910XT. So, if you are a user of Garmin GPS watch and has an Android phone or device, perhaps, this might add on to your arsenal of monitoring devices for more meaningful datas and interpretation! Read on!
Android Apps for Garmin Connect

I've been using this apps called "SportyPal" downloaded from Google Play since I bought my very first smart phone HTC Legend. I fought with snatch thieves when the phone was 2 weeks old, the back of the phone was scratched VERY badly. After trying many apps in Android, I find SportyPal is the best for me, so almost every week I'll track my running and cycling with it. The phone survived for 2.5 years going through thick and thin with me, all I can say is HTC makes super robust "military spec" phones.

Garmin Connect (GC) vs Viewer for Garmin Connect (VGC).
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