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Jun Shen : Skechers GoRunRide Review

Team 2ndSkin has an athlete that is serving in the Malaysian Military Forces as a Navy Officer. Known for this petite size and cili padi power, he has been terrorising the camp with his swimming, biking and running streaks. Chan Jun Shen has reviewed the awesome Skechers GoRunRide just two weeks ago. This is his take on the Skechers GoRunRide. Thank you Jun Shen, SIR!!! (we were told that we just need to make sure we address the Military officer with a SIR behind their name ;-))
Skechers GoRunRide Review

Every weekend I'll be scratching my head not knowing how should I entertain myself. My duty rotation with my 2 other shipmates has refrained me from leaving the ship for more than 2 days. This weekend was a special one, the announcement by my 2ndSkin Team about Skechers sponsorship really lured me back to KL. Cut short the whole drama, I went to Skechers an hour after I reached home. 
went there with 2ndSkin red shirt "Hills are speedwork in disguise" to match with my new shoes=)

All of their running shoes are EXTREMELY light, lighter than ALL my current running shoes, so weight is none of my concern. They claimed their size 9 weigh 7.9 Oz. If this isn't light enough, probably you'll have to go barefoot. The staffs very really helpful to allow me to test all of their GoRun before deciding. She went in to get my size, after I finished my short run testing their shoes, she went in again to get me another pair, next another pair and then another pair. I ran around 400m with all the 5 shoes =p I forgot to ask her name, her informative briefing helped me to understand their products very well.
Thank You so much! =)

 Tested GoBionic first.
Too stiff, very barefoot feel, toe box a little tight, afraid of blisters

It feels alright, quite responsive, but arch area a bit snuggy.

GoRun ride
 My choice =)

Round the Base is the loop that I normally do, since I started my ship appointment, my runs are mostly long 17km ones. My last 5km speedy Base Run was probably 2 months ago. Just now, I wanted to test the speed of my GoRunRideRedRoar!!!! The first time I saw this red colour eye catchy GoRunRide, I felt like adding Red and Roar at the back to make it sound more aggressive =p Anyway, here is my review.
 The heel and the toe is off the ground.

Let me give u an idea how it feels like to run with Skechers. I raced with Newton before, the lungs under the sole can be felt right when u put your shoes on. It took me around 2 weeks to adapt to Newton's forefoot landing, needless to tell, I got serious calf soreness just like the other new Newton runners. The pain paid off when I scored a few PBs wearing Newton. Everyone knows that Newton is meant for running only. The GoRun ride feels somewhat like Newton, just imagine Newton with all the lungs extended to the midfoot (That's how I feel it). I could feel the black colour circular GOimpulse pillars every time I land, it helps me to land correctly with better stability. Every strike feels like landing on a pillow. 
There are many circular GoImpulse Sensors to deliver feedback for you to feel with precision. Rocker bottom helps the transition between foot strike and take off. When I run, I feel the pillow first, then the pillar.  As u can see, my heels are clean coz I don't heel strike. The GoRunride is very flexible, allowing the foot to move naturally when reacts to the ground. 
 The shoe can be twisted multi-directionaly.

Midfoot strike, no heel strike
Normally shoes with lots of cushion come with extra material, extra weight, and it makes things worse for runners who like to shower when racing. When my shoes get wet, the weight doubles up, I'll end up soaking my toes till the finishing line. By the time I crossed the finishing line, I should expect blisters around my feet. HOWEVER, Skechers offers awesome cushion with less material. The upper material is really breatheable, I need not to worry about getting wet. The toebox made of flexible stretchy material, suitable for runners with duck feet like me who needs very roomy toebox. 

 Super soft heel collar.

I was not expecting PB for my evening run due to lack of preparation. I thought the super nice cushion might have absorbed some of my energy. Guess what, I scored my PB for the Base Run! 5.03km in 20mins 13 sec. I finished the run painlessly. Imagine scoring PB for my first run !
I'm positive that the runner's transition process to GoRunRide will be an easy and painless one. May be I get faster because the GoRunRideRedRoar is much lighter than all my running shoes. May be the my running gait suits the design of this shoes especially the GOimpulse pillars and rocker bottom. 
 I would prefer slightly less cushion, so tomorrow I'll take the insole out to make it more responsive.

 Not long after I was about to finish my review, I saw another special thing about GoRunRide. 80% of the tongue is sewn, triathletes will love this shoes for easing their transition. Triathletes don't have to worry about the tongue getting flipped inwards. 

That's about it. =) Good Night readers =)

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